Un-Ban-Appeal Hawks-The-Eyes

CKEY: Brille65

Admin’s CKEY: vexylius

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: All

Which server did the ban happen on? Sage

Ban Type: Server-Ban

Ban Length: 1 Month

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 08.02.2020

Round ID: 19325

Ban Reason: Quite long history of overescalations. After being slipped by the botanist multiple times on a greenshift, kills the botanist. Round ID 19325

**Appeal Reason:**So. Greenshift. Cleans-His-Ass decided to randomly grab me and throw me on BLUESPACE WHEAT (Yes, dear vexylius, believe it or not, there is a difference between “getting slipped by soap” and “Getting almost spaced by teleporting vegetables”. He did that at least 3 times on me? And i then took the trays in Botanics appart to prevent any further production of this wheat. Cleans-His-Ass then broke into science and robotics and tried once again to teleport me away, which didn’t succeed. I flashed him and cuffed him and wanted to put him into a locker to prevent him from going on to the shuttle to cause more harm but his co-worker came with him who had an shotgun filled with depleted uranium or whatever and almost killed me. To prevent Cleans-His-ass from fleeing i attacked him with a welder and throw him into the trash.
Given that i clearly didn’t start the fire at all banning for one month is a bit over the top and i’d like to ask to lower it to a week at least if not remove it at all since other people come through with so much worse bullshit and it gets unpunished.

Additional Information: As far as i see Cleans-His-Ass aint even got a note or what ever. On Discord he said “I did that to EVERYONE” (proof; http://prntscr.com/tsin6s) So oh boi i dont wanna know how many people actually got spaced or in a shitty situation where they couldnt escape. And this on MRP. On. A. Greenshift… So while it maybe wasnt the best way to handle it, it was an IC Issue that escalated…


Kinda cringe because you tried killing me even before the other botanist shot you, and you never ever ever ever ever got close to even getting spaced. I also didnt break into science, AI let me in. and only one tray was producing the wheat. YOU then decided to go and destroy almost every tray in botany.


Yeah to make sure you dont do this bullshit anymore the trays got destroyed, besides the few on the side because they where wrenched together or some shit.
And of course the AI let you in in record speedtime, i guess.
Also maybe note worthy that literally all the board where still in place so you easy could rebuild them

Hawks is known by everyone as a complete asshole. Wishes Corona on everyone that doesn’t agree with him, threatens (and very often) will unlink departments as a robo from mats. Will flash and kill borgs over small things, constantly provoking or doing similar dumb shit. Literally everyone that plays often and isn’t a shitter on MRP despises him. Just earlier today he would go RD, flash people and steal their toolbelts and threaten to space you for talking back. He will make up fake bullshit stories and just threaten people every single shift if you don’t do your job to his liking throughout the entire shift.

Yeah i get having bad shifts and shitting on people over the smallest things. Doing it every single shift in one of the most stupid ways possible is just dumb.

And Hawks is also known to just hack into your department and break shit if you don’t do whatever he says or if it isn’t to his liking.

How would /anyone/ enjoy having such a person in a community?


Yeah i am an complete Asshole towards assholes. And hey, at least half of the bullshit you talk is correct.
I Never did unlink departments from mats? (I even build Bluespace miners every round because Miners are usualy shit)
I never did flashed a person and stole his toolbelt? (Well, i maybe flashed someone and stripped him but thats super rare and especially not because of a toolbelt.)
That threat actually happened because i was pissed, i wanted to build servers and shit and you was earlier there. Did anything happened? No. Do other people do worse shit and nobody cares? Yep.
Its true that i have often beef with the miners? but thats simply because they rarely do theyre job correctly.
You are the one making fake bullshit stories right now.

If you would be less an asshole who try to tresspass or whatever or whoever you actually are, you would notice that.
So i hack myself into departments. Which? Only i know where i go regulary is the teleporter because of the crystals (i sometimes rebuild it even when we got the mats)

So. Please, you are a Metagrudging shitter, please dont make up any stupid storys, yes? Thank you :slight_smile:


I’ve learned to log out when Hawks comes online, though. Just a thoroughly caustic person to share a server with. It’s exhausting being a cyborg with them.

This is their MRP conduct every shift I’ve been around them. As non-antag roboticist…

  • If you ask to be borged they refuse until you pay them “enough”
  • Sabotages new cyborg shells with basic power cells, sometimes uses potato cells “just in case”
  • Extremely toxic and has the people they “train” to do this. Hawks asks the roboticist that does their job if I paid or not while I’m on the table. Most of the time I get left in an MMI because they don’t notice the holocredit I put on the floor

In my opinion, it bordered power-gaming and grief. This made helping the station so much harder. I’ve dealt with it IC, such as informing a department head. The HoP can dock their pay for the money thing, security can arrest them for sabotage of Nanotrasen property, etc.

I’ve been the Peacekeeper cyborg in robitics lab when Hawks over-escalates. It usually ends in me having to flash Hawks then being flashed in turn, deconstructed, and left as an MMI on the floor.


Hawks you got slipped by the other botanist, you completely instigated the further conflict and destroyed our department ruining an hour of work. And you tried killing people BEFORE I shot you.

You, Sir, are a blatant liar. Thanks for the input.
Yes, i ask to “pay me” but guess what, every other person on this Server noticed thats its complete irrelevant what they “Pay” and i only say this more or less out of sarcasm.
I never leave an MMI on the Table longer than necessary. I think i gave you once a shitty power cell because you where a bitch? But i am pretty sure it got replaced not so far away.

By any chance, did you play on fulp earlier because there was once a person who suicided when i said for fun “pay me”, i bet you are an Idiot of similiar caliber.

Yes, i got spaced to unknown location thanks to Bluespace wheat.
I took apart the trays and left everything there, means, for you translated with google translator because i think you can’t understand me; “You could have rebuilt the machines at any time because all the parts needed were still in place.”

And no ? I think just your griefing co-worker got hit this round by me?

Sorry I apologize for not being clear, you only attempted to kill the botanist who had wronged you. That was valid. What wasn’t was you completely sabotaging a department with 3 other people in it simply because one of them wronged you. There were admins on at the time, you could have ahelped. Or tried dealing with it in character like going after Cleans-His-Ass solely. But no, you had decon the entirety of botany for no reason. You do understand that even if you left the parts there (can’t confirm nor deny that) it still would result in us losing ALL of our gaia trays? Also what do you mean I shot you with “depleted uranium”


Well. Dont get me wrong on this part but when i am doing botanics i usualy make copys of the plants. It was like ETA 5 minutes or so ? So there wasnt that much of a loss i think but yeah.
I mean you shot some shotgun ammunition which was unfamiliar for me and in the “heat” i wrote DU-Ammo because i had no clue what this is but kinda super lethal since 2 shots already almost killed me (Then again i have not so much experience with real-weapons anyway so i dont know if its just the shotgun)

That ammo is called “pulse slugs” created using unloaded tech shells in science. They emulate the pulse laser shots used by centcom death squads and are VERY lethal. They are very much NOT standard shells.


using teleporting vegetables should make you valid because you try to space them or cause them to get harmed in other way. so him being banned based on being almost spaced seems legit.
unbean this man


The issue wasn’t that he attacked the guy who slipped him with bluespace fruit, the issue was him escelating it to the entire department for no reason.


Well, some weeks ago it was perfectly fine for a Chaplain on a Greenshift to smash robotics because of floorbots that cleaned his haha funny disease good blood-trails. And he aint left boards, unlike me.
So, in this case there was even an active threat going from Botanics so i think this is okay.

Don’t usually reply to topics like this but we had a situation where we both argued with each other and based on how you handled that whole quarrel by holding a grudge against me and being, in my perspective, toxic.

I think it would be best to take some time off and just focus on yourself, I know exactly how it feels to play when you’re not in the best mood or something else is bothering you in life, it kinda transfers to the way you behave during games. I’ve got nothing personally against you and I would wish for you to come back with a more positive attitude or at least control your anger to a certain degree.


It is funny you say that, because other people with a healthy mindset towards that solution told him the exact same in OOC. They just get yelled at, he will just minor metagrudge if he knows your in-game name like replacing a borgs battery with a 1k max charge.

Literally everyone is always wrong, he is always right. This is like some next level type of issue with him, or he himself is by nature just a complete asshole. I would put money on him being the same after a month. There is literally zero fun being anywhere near such a person. And god help the new players having to play in the same role as him.


Haven’t really Metagrudge other people unlike you guys.
Maybe i should start so you see how it is.
That thing with the battery happened once and you call it out a million times, funny. And it wasnt Metagrudging it was because you was a bitch pre-borging if i remember correct but hey what do i know, i bet it was Metagrudging since it happens every shift. God, i hope something like this gets logged i wish i could so how often i did this.

I’ve been killed by asshole botanists memein bluespace tomatos at me before, its very easy to space someone with a random teleport on ss13 and it should make you valid on both MRP/LRP, because even if you dont get spaced you could get stuck in a wall and die.


making them in first place is fishy, using them is instant valid.

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