Uknown explorer Player report

In-game report:

CKEY: Yurivitch

Your Discord: Yuri#0914

Offender’s CKEY: Uknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Candace Clark

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 4/1/2023

Round Number: 43402

Rules Broken:2, 1.3

Incident Description: Candace Clark, A non antag explorer judging by the round end report, Had both a Syndicate Hardsuit and a lethal SMG (forgot the name) Completely Breaching 1 of their SOP and when asked to hand over the suit, proceeded to resist, breaching 2 of their SOP, it even breaks space law itself (206 and 306)

Additional Information: Screenshot of their inventory

I think Candace Clark was their name, I dont know that round made me so frustrated with all of the clowns and everything.

Depending the lenght of the shift they probably stopped doing missions at some points and decided to explore signals, eventually finding said hardsuit and SMG that can be found in some ruins, i guess it depends their intention, if they went around walking with it in the middle of the hallways and chasing valids that obviously unnaceptable but if they docked and went to the escape shuttle once it arrived they probably should’ve stop wearing it to avoid those issues with Sec

Personally when i play explorer there’s a point when the repetitiveness of the missions makes me want to check some signals and see if i can find some loot that might aid my expeditions or the crew, obviously the best way to go is roleplaying with Command/sec/departments to see what you can give, what you can keep, etcetera and not going unga bunga red hardsuit, time to get deputized and capture le antags

In the ends log will confirm their intentions and what they did during the round, but this is quite ‘‘tame’’ compared with what others Explorers can get, they certainly should’ve taken the suit off to avoid startling security or to even inform them that they found it.

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I was the RD that round, and they had come in to the room I was in, a few mins before the shuttle arrived, put on the suit and dragged the nuke around, and said “how do I look?”
It was clear to me they were doing an april fools joke, as they had said so (I think, I don’t quite remember, but what they were saying had made it obvious to me they were gonna do some light pranking) so I gave em the go ahead, as I thought it would have been harmless enough, and my hope was that people would, instead of screaming “NUKIE”, reference the operative posters or something. I assumed the gun they had found was not loaded though. Also I think it was “Candace Clark” not Cassedy.

Oh yes, and earlier they had handed me syndicate documents and showed me the suit that they had found on a ruin with their other explorer friend (who was a promoted assisted I believe) My character was an eccentric old man who liked a good joke, and they didn’t show any potential for using the weapons harmfully.

Sorry if any of that info seems irrelevant, but its late at the time I am writing this.

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I knew the name sounded too familiar, if i can say It’s most likely it was Candace Clark, he’s a known explorer main.

Updated the name, thank you.

Right so

randomguy341 \ Candace Clark \ Exploration Crew \ NONE \ ROUNDSTART

Looks like they spent a while showing a new explorer the ropes
Then they went around space ruins looking for loot

Now, it was april first, so pranks like that are fine I suppose
However, they got approached with lethals on the escape shuttle by security and with good reason - they were wearing the syndie hardsuit
and this line here throws me off, honestly

Its still a miracle I did not use the SMG in self defense

They were being arrested/attacked for perfectly valid reasons and yet they wanted to retaliate lethally and still attempted to resist arrest, which wasn’t really fine. It was a consequence for wearing contraband, and the syndicate blood-red hardsuit at that.

Alright, report resolved, apologies for the delay.

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