Tyrone Big player report

In-game report:


   Your Discord:vukasinkrnic#7406

   Offender’s CKEY: Don't know no admins online

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Tyrone Big

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 11.2.2019

   Round Number: 8668

   Rules Broken: Murderboning

   Incident Description: Looted all of sec as a vampire in bat form, killed 2 people and took the lethal 
                         injection syringe and killed 5 more people in medbay whit syringe gun and continued 
                         to murderbone later whit e-guns

   Additional Information:None

The secret slav back at it, unbased and gay

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there was an admin online, and they dealt with it.

I’m fairly certain Ethnius jumped on MRP.

i think he got only a warning but im not sure

IIRC he also subverted the AI to have an edgy, useless, and suicidal lawset using batform. Lynching him with a knife and another miner was cathartic.

Is he not the one that on mrp doesn’t do their job, calls shuttle and breaks the console because “shift is long lamao”, calls you racist if you criticize him and is generally shit at doing any form of rping?

ye he is he goes vampire and goes into armoury

and he got only a WARNING

the amount of fucking space bats/vampires i’ve blasted as the warden for trying to slip into the armory via vents is way too high

let’s be real here, vampires are legitimetely used solely for fucking powergaming purposes

Slav isn’t Tyrone Biggins though?
That’s the big cheese

Halloween is over, time to remove vampires.

they were removed yesterday.

bruh this shitler? he blasted me when I latejoined MRP as RD and tried to find the stolen AI board

If he actually got let off with just a warning for this level of round fuckery and self antag when he should have had a long ass ban from both servers I’m gonna be pissed at ethnius.

ye i think he just said the murderboner got a warning

and keep in mind this is on MRP not LRP

This. He’s going onto the MRP server to loot the armoury and command staff lockers because he can since there is nobody to stop him. Dealing with an assistant that has all access and upwards of half a dozen different lethal ranged weapons is a pain round after round.

yes, i know, it’s a common theme on MRP mainly due to the distinct lack of command or security