Tuckatk noted by FreshMeatLover

Title: Tuckatk noted by FreshMeatLover

CKEY: Tuckatk

Admin’s CKEY: FreshMeatLover

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Sage

Ban Type: Negative Note

Ban Length: X

Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/): 2022/05/13

Round ID: 38062

Ban Reason: Posibrain that got shoved into a gygax by the roboticist. Then followed his orders which were antagonistic, for example killing people. You are not forced to obey your creators orders at all as a posibrain and you should always side with the good/crew.

Appeal Reason: So, this is more for clarification than anything else though I’d also like the note removed due to the lack of relevant rulings behind it. So, the note involved me listening to an antag as I should be siding with crew but as a posibrain I do not have any form of lawset. Based on this note, is it being implied that posibrains even though they have no laws, are to always side with the crew over the person who created you if the person who created you has malicious intent?


Technically as a posibrain you weren’t created by one person, your consciousness just kind of came into existence into what is your brain and you have no true creator (especially since you as a ghost can just click a inactivated posibrain and get in it). There is though no message or indicator for players to see on how they should act when not in a borg, here is my take at least:

They should treat their existence somewhat if put into mech as if they are part of the crew/lavaland escalation. Whatever mech they’re out in is what their job is: mining and Odysseus are jobs helping the station actively via patrolling the halls and healing or mining ores, combat mechs is where you have to be cautious. If you’re a combat mech you should go straight to sec, let them know the situation, and try to get a flash bang launcher at least. Then sit your ass in brig unless needed, and just help sec when needed with the correct amount of force used. Doesn’t mean sec can boss you around because you are a sapient being, but work with the larger group that brings you into the world. If you are spawned in with golems, you should be friendly and work with the golems. If you’re spawned in on the station, you should be spawned into the station. I might relax my standing on if you as a brain are threatened with death if you don’t help kill, but i believe posibrains are neutral, leaning on good mannered when spawned and shouldn’t be that willing to attack the station unless given a convincing reason by someone

Don’t most servers have text show up when you become a posibrain that ends in “Above all else, do no harm.”?

Last I checked we have something similar when they get put in mechs.

It is not being implied, it is being directly told by staff because you are already told this via in-game prompt.

@Tuckatk This is your prompt as a posibrain. Almost every ghost role receives some sort of prompt similar to this you are expected to follow and use as the basis for that role. You get a new prompt if inserted into a silicon with laws which take control of your brain, but this remains your prompt otherwise.

Given that this is an RP server, these prompts should not need to be re-asserted as some official, secondary ruling in order for you to understand it is what you are expected to do, and this would make it a nightmare to update said prompts.

As for the note itself: A note is not a punishment, but is instead a verifiable record that you have been corrected on expected behavior in the related area. The admin passing judgment felt you did not deserve punishment, in this case probably because you didn’t realize you were acting incorrectly and it’s an understandable mistake to make if you missed the prompt.

The note lets future admins know two things:

  1. At this point in time you either did not read or notice your ghost role blurb before deciding on an action to take and have (hopefully) been told to obey these prompts

  2. You have been corrected on what is expected of you as this specific ghost role, so if this specific case repeats punishment is probably necessary because it is intentional.

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Well then, out of all the times I have started as a posibrain, I never read into that part probably because I usually got into a cyborg right after. While I still don’t personally agree with posibrains having such a prompt, I can now understand the implication of the note as it now has made me aware of it. I do propose though for there to be another way of seeing such prompts other than scrolling back to see it unless that is already I thing I’m not aware of either. Nevertheless, I don’t see the point in further appealing the note as the reason for it is indeed warranted and would like it to be closed if possible.

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Alrighty will be closing this then. I don’t have anything more to say really as ruko summarized it pretty well.
I noted you instead of punishing you because I considered it to be an accidental mistake for something that might not be obvious at first glance.
Thanks for appealing though!