Tube station when?

It feels like it’s been forever since I last heard about tube station.
what’s going on with the station of pneumatic gimick?


I made a PR to speed up the tubes. Got closed by Bacon because in his opinion the increased tube to tube speed doesn’t matter because of the wait time(wrong).


man, that’s unfortunate.

maybe the answer is just more tubes, so that the effective uptime of available tubes is increased.

I mean if they’re going to shut down the first most obvious means, just having more tubes to get around with differences in staggering of arrival/departure.

I’m just gonna plead my case that yes it is meant to move most of the delay in transit tubs to the load/unload phase, because that can be static across tube system sizes.

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it’s great to know you’re still workin on it man, I remember downloading one of the full resolution full station maps as a PNG and I just stumbled upon it recently.

I look at it and think “man, if any station could be a ship-breaking yard, this one is one of them.”

I am not the maker of Tubestation. Just a collaborator.

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Its my map
Due to being realy busy with university at the moment and for the past while i hadnt realy had time to work on it

Once i have more free time again i’ll pester mappers and maints for some reviews and work on the map more.

The deliberate procces up to this point has been to “finish” the map while sticking as close as possible to the meme thats inspired it, and PR it in that jokey state.
“Now” (rather eventualy), i plan to work with mappers/maints feedback to slow move it towards being an actual map that dosnt make you wanna kill yourself when playing on it.

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Like maybe faster transit tubes.

@PowerfulBacon cough


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