Tsushi banned by Megaddd

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Complete, all servers
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
39923 ? I guess
Ban Reason:
“Please appeal this ban on the forums to explain what you meant by ahelping “fuck off” and logging off immediately after being merely noted for severe powergaming and selfantag”

Appeal Reason:
Not actually an appeal, posting for posterity

Additional Information:

Allow me to set the scene:

Typical lowpop shenanigans. I was about three rounds in, playing Security. Previous round played out as the Traitor somehow getting promoted to Head of Security, immediately recruiting some deputies and then cyroing with all of their stuff after I stepped in as Warden to mind shield the new department. RPed the SHIT out of a Warden stuck with two deputies who primarily want to beat down the Clown. Deal with Clown tableporting shenanigans while getting repeatedly screamed at to make him a Clown car while he rips up the floor. Did I mention the character named James Fouchi who was posting obscene messages about the CMO’s ass and actually harassing them IC? Whatever, we do what we can. Actually kind of a fun round

So the next round rolls, I decide I don’t want to deal with playing Sec during LRP and roll Curator

No Heads of Staff initially, Chaplin on comms talking about getting ahold of the disk, then talking about getting the Captain’s spare. Chaplin approaches me and asks IC, “What are your objectives?” Something is not right. Larry’s read a bunch of reports, has access to Archives, and is generally aware of the dangers which can present themselves on NT stations.

RD spawns in, Chaplin proceeds to drag them into the Captain’s Quarters with the aid of the AI. Curator Larry smells something rotten and inserts himself into the very strange happenings. If nothing else, it’ll make for a good report for the Archives.

Chaplin gets the AI to open the cap’s quarters. Chaplin walks in, the door shuts and is immediately electrified, all the air starts getting sucked out of the room. Larry and the RD escape by Larry grabbing the hand tele from the Cap’s desk and porting them out. He then throws the hand teleporter to the RD and runs off to grab tools to either free the Chaplin who’s being made into astronaut icecream or secure the disk for the RD who’s in over their head

Proceed to partner with the Chaplin (who is dismantling the Captain’s bathroom in order to escape/gain reentry) and RD to secure the disk. Larry and RD get critted/killed and sent to med while the Chaplin does… whatever…

THEN a Borg comes by and drops off the Captain’s locker in the Library; tells me not to tell anyone he’s doing it. There’s no security, the Silicon is acting very strangely, Acting Captain is assumed dead or compromised, and the Chaplin is operating in silence. Larry needs to take matters into his own hands, HELP IS NOT COMING, the SOP is right out the window.

So he plays along, dresses up as the Captain and then starts making public contact with the crew off comms to muster against whatever’s coming down the line. End goal was to convince someone with access to call a shuttle and get everyone out, or gain access to do it himself.

If you’re still reading this, you’re a champion.

So then Chiryn logs in mid-shift and, rightfully, asks me why I’m impersonating the Captain as a non-antag. I tell them (don’t have logs, paraphrasing) “It’s sort of an RP thing. I can stop if you’d like”. They come back and start telling me to READ THE RULES while I try to walk them through what’s going on. Then notes me for SEVERE powergaming with NO CONTEXT. Really? Roleplaying through a slow, low-pop shift is power gaming?

I wasn’t attacking people with my sweet new gear, I wasn’t even scheming for evil. I even handed off the tele after I saved the RD’s life. I was advancing the story line which already occurred. All it really accomplished was blowing the RP line to hell and me awkwardly having to go and throw all the captains stuff back into the library. Not really anything to play as a gimmick after that, since the RP had already occurred and people should be asking where my stuff went.

Why couldn’t Chiryn create something IC with crew/staff approaching the weirdo “Captain” about what’s going on? What about the non-antag who declared themselves QUEEN OF THE STATION after gaining access to change their name? What about the Chaplin? Lazy.

I look at my other notes and find another low context note (couldn’t figure out how to get a mask on someone before dragging them through a vacuumed room and into the evac. Told the admin who bwoinked me I couldn’t figure out the UI to get the mask on them and they basically said, “As Warden, seemed to intentionally choke the Mime to death. They said it wasn’t intentional. DON’T DO IT AGAIN”). Now I’ve got two notes with no/low context which will color Admin interaction in the future. Lazy, badmin, behavior

Speaking of context, Megaddd left out the full text of my ahelp. It was along the lines of “Severe power gaming, really?! Fuck off”. I stand by that statement.

So there ya go folks, new player (think I’ve got maybe 20 hours in?) with some questionable admin interaction and notes. I see posts about “We need such and such for this role” and “How to grow the community”, and then I get this sort of experience. No wonder you’re having issues if you won’t talk to players and establish a relationship or do good admin work by noting the context of the “Infractions”.

I won’t argue the ban, I probably deserve it for being an asshole. It would be nice to drop in occasionally and see if the admin community and I fit better, since ya’ll have such a nice code base. But, if this is what I can expect, I’m probably not a going to be happy here

It’s been fun interacting with the community, hopefully I see you folks on another server.

Fuck off with the dumb shit,
Larry Holmes


→ Proceeds to write big wall of text anyways