Troy42506 banned by inithis

Title: Troy banned by inithis for self antag

CKEY: Troy42506

Admin’s CKEY: inithis

Is this for both servers or just one?: This is for all game servers.

Ban Type: Temporary

Ban Length: One month

Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/): 2021/10/10

Round ID: 33255

Ban Reason: Massive self-antagonism as part of a cargonian revolution.

Appeal Reason: Thought it would be a fun roleplay thing to join it, it quickly changed to a shitshow and I regret joining it. It ended up causing a lot of trouble for admins and players, and I am sorry for making it worse.

Additional Information: This is my first time doing a appeal, sorry if it bad.

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ban reason is the reason admin banned you not your explanation of the ban (copy paste the reason you were banned basically)

also you forgot the appeal part, explain yourself how you were not in the wrong.

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Thanks a lot for helping me.

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You’ve managed to fill the form out properly and even set the title (almost) correctly.
That alone make this an above avarage appeal.


I understand how the situation may have been confusing, but you already had a few notes for griefing behavior, and the events of that round were absolutely egregious. I’m not inclined to alter this ban without some change in the circumstances as I understand them.

I’ll allow 24 hours in case you have further input.

yeah I did grief before, at the time I was a newer player to bee station and not to lie, I was a shitter at the time. I gotten into bee more now and enjoy it, so I understand if you don’t want to change my ban. Happy with both can say that round was super egregious though.

Alright, thank you for understanding. Closing the thread.