Tron597 Player Report

CKEY: Tron597

Your Discord: Dread Pony Roberts#6333

Offender’s CKEY: Tron597

Offender’s In-Game Name: Brook Marlowe

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 11/24/2022

Round Number: 41485

Rules Broken: 7 Be Excellent to Each Other

Incident Description: I (as Captain) announced to the crew that I would be temporarily ssd and would be back soon. Tron597 (Detective) had the objective to kill me, and chose that moment to enter the bridge and kill me. Since he was the only member of Security (I had promoted him to HoS due to this), and I was only real command staff (HoP went SSD), I find it frankly lame that he killed me when I had 0 defence. I even made it clear that my ssd (I specifically used the word “nap”) would only be temporary, so he could have at least waited till I was back and had a fighting chance before going for the kill.
He got his greentext at least.

Additional Information: I am open to being wrong. If this is fine by the rules, then I want to know. I want to follow the rules as best I can.

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What part of rule 7 did they break, in your opinion?

The very text of that rule states:

While dying is a normal part of the game and IC conflicts will arise, dickish behavior and harassment is not allowed toward other players outside of the scope of such IC conflicts.

Does this not seem exactly the scenario as described? They were an individual who had IC reasons to kill you, waited for the opportune moment (you literally announcing your sleep schedule), and took it.

In my opinion, they displayed no more ill will towards you than a syndicate agent assigned a target would predictably be. Thats what this rule is generally cited for, malice beyond reason in an IC context. A sleeper agent would be taught to literally exploit weaknesses like the one provided.

I normally try to avoid these reports, but I’m interested in your interpretation of the rules à la your last sentence.

Top CKEY part of the form is for your own CKEY btw.
The reported players CKEY goes under Offender’s CKEY section.

IC issue. Assassinating an objective target is one of the very few instances in which it’s acceptable (although not entirely ideal) to fuck with an SSD player… also worth mentioning that you weren’t actually SSD, just AFK, which means there’s no indicator for players that inspect you.