Troll borg


Admin’s CKEY:bloons3

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:bouth

Ban Type:temporal

Ban Length:1 days

Ban Date (2021-02-07):

Round ID:26804

Ban Reason:Blew a borg for no real reason as RD

Appeal Reason:The borg was hiting a dead bananium golem around to fill the station whit bananas I consider this griefing what would make the borg valid. He did this for a while and I made a vote and let the crew chose and they chose to blow it up

Additional Information:

Lock the borg down, don’t kill another player and take them out of the round because they displeased you.

bloons3 after you lock the borg, the borg is still stuck there so what now? he can’t move aka play


You can lock down borgs instead of blowing them up so you can bring them to robotics and force them to talk, while avoiding any un-necessary damage done to the station. If even talking to them fails whilst they have normal crewsimov laws, deconstruct the borg and ahelp it, so you still avoid the explosion of the borg.

I consider he was griefing and was valid

Sage doesn’t have hard validity.

Still not really ban worthy though, more note worthy if anything.

Gamer protip: if someone is griefing the station by dropping hundreds of banana peels everywhere most autofabs let you make a push broom that can shove all the banana peels before you into a corner of the hallway super fast, just activate the broom in hand to push everything on the ground.

I would still harmbaton the fuck out of the clown/borg/botanist who was doing it though, that shits annoying.


Ban is long expired, locking this