Trobosia bad antag report

In-game report:

CKEY: Blackwolf602

Your Discord:

Offender’s CKEY: Trobosia

Offender’s In-Game Name: Kanet’pruunance and * Mate Pulsarhull

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2023-06-26

Round Number: 44653

Rules Broken: 13, 7, 1

Incident Description: to be brief with the explanations, as a nightmare staying in medbay maints their only concern was killing anyone and everyone as in actively following people and dragging bodies, followed by debraining them and hiding their brain in microwave to round remove everyone (ten people cmo said), making no attempt to talk to anyone. was finally killed by another sec. came back as a pirate surprise surprise, made no attempt to talk again. walked up to me with their bulldog and started gunning down people and near by crew. other pirates seems to talk to others and with the captain from what i saw

Additional Information: My impression is they’re just interested in round removing as many people as they can


Was the cap this round, can confirm that the nightmare was not only preventing revivification but also salted in deadchat after dying, saying that it was obvious that the nightmare should hide brains because “otherwise they just come back”.

Very LRP player, known to be an issue in previous rounds:

  • Plasmaflooded medbay as a space carp against the wishes of the space dragon, called the space dragon names when told to stop.
  • Usually sits in viro not really RPing and making bad viruses. ghosts when caught by security and takes ghost antags.



Basically same shit you guys are saying but the guy is a morph in round 44649

I joined as ghost mid round to see a morph emptying the vault, then straight to the caps office, then straight to the CE office, i remember him going to other places like the tool storage, viro, etc… Also breaking APC for the sake of screwing the crew (since it isnt even food for them)

Of course destroying departamental autolathes and eating the chip (or whathever the name is)

And finally going to the sm chamber to destroy pipes to delam the sm.

I dont know what else did they do since i got a dragon role, but in ooc i did heard him complain about how morph needs to get buffed, and that he at least got to kill the CE

Gamer morph

Im sorry if this have shitty writing its late over here


I killed people going after me yeah, also keep lying. My first murder as a pirate was when I stole from the station, told an officer to leave us alone for several minutes. He followed and I gave him a countdown of 5 saying I would kill him, which I did. Truly such silent murderbone, you are so smart!

Lets remember to stat excellent here. If you believe something is false just explain your side. It doesn’t mean someone is lying, they could have just misinterpreted a scenario or missed some details.

I’m no admin, this is my knowledge. you murdered anyone, debrained everyone and fought hard to debrain everyone you saw as a nightmares in maints with no effort to say anything as well hunting anyone trying to retrieve such bodies as your first victims were non sec to my knowledge, aswell as hiding everyone brain in a microwave to round remove them. After you die you return as a pirate. As a sec I was walking towards sec saw you walking right behind me, I stop expecting you to talk which you then started shooting me, I returned fire then you go to gunning me and everyone down with the bulldog shotgun. Seemed the other two pirates had a thing with the station’s captain, but I’m unsure of those details.

I paid the pirates to fight the Xenomorphs, yeah. Dunno why this guy wasn’t playing along.

Got some early toxicity before they took a ghost role, in addition to some seemingly baseless claims of metacomming? (They were being arrested for actively breaking into the ai satellite)

First kill, non-provoked.

This kill was justified, they attacked first - trying to debrain them isn’t justified though.

Another random kill

Killed the HoS unprovoked, tried debraining.

Another valid kill, another attempted debraining.

After they die it’s back to salting, and yet again, seemingly baseless metacomming accusations.
Then they roll pirate.

This attack was fine, they gave the officer proper warning.

A bit after this they move on to gunning people down randomly.

They were at least a security officer. After that they shoot at the clown which is fair considering they tried shoving them mid fight with the officer.

Then they’re off to go shoot at an assistant.

Then we got this message after round end.

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Player permanently banned as the result of multiple backlogged forum reports, in addition to their past history.