Trialmin accidentally pings 100+ people at 2AM, my sleep-pill addled brain thought it'd be funny to compare it to pinging mentor by actually pinging them, different admin gives me 2 warnings instead of 1 thus permabanning me forever

Discord ID: The Maggot Guy#3950

Admin Discord ID: These things never say who bans you which needs to be fixed

Ban Type: Mute

Ban Length: Mutes don’t have a length which needs to be fixed

Ban Date: 9-28-2020

Ban Reason: Admin’s finger slipped and they hit 2 instead of 1 when giving me a warning and I guess that went over the threshold for auto-muting which means a permanent ban

You have received a warning in BeeStation 13.


please stop pinging randomly



Appeal Reason: A trialmin was talking to someone in #questions and accidentally pinged (a)coder instead of (a)maintainer, which meant they accidentally pinged over a hundred people. To give you an idea of how many people have the coder role, even I, who has never coded anything in byond, was pinged by this. I have to take an extra strong sleep pill every night otherwise I literally don’t get tired until 5 AM and this pill just about knocks me out in an hour, and I think it’d been around 30 minutes since I’d taken it, and it was going off about full force.

So why was I still online you may ask? Because I’m a fucking idiot sometimes, add on to that the extreme sleepiness from the medicine and you have a recipe for disaster. Everyone was understandably freaking out about this mass ping, and I, with all my wisdom and intelligence of 2 AM, decided it would be funny to compare this to a mentor ping by actually pinging all the mentors.

Surprisingly nobody was actually offended by this, at least as far as I could tell up until the mute. Also it looks like the admin hit 2 instead of 1, giving me 2 warnings for 1 slip-up.

Additional Information:

I haven’t done anything like this for over a month, which I hope goes to show that I’ve changed and don’t just randomly ping people anymore. Everyone makes mistakes, and I don’t think a single slip up, in response to another (albeit accidental) mass ping, at 2 AM, while almost knocked out on sleep meds is so indicative of future behavior that it warrants a permaban, even with my previous history. I don’t act like this anymore, and I don’t think a single sleep deprived mess-up warrants a full and total ban from the entire discord (including mentor) for an unlimited time.

You are very well known to ping the @adminhelp role on multiple occasions.

I feel that you need a time out for a while

if you go back and check every single one is for a good reason.

You ping once, you don’t spam ping.

We are able to read the message, we don’t need to see it multiple times.

Yes. I don’t actually spam the ping. Go back and check, the only example where I pinged more than once for the same issue I can think of is for the recent hacker plaguing LRP.

Sorry MaggotGuy, not all pings have been for a good reason, such as 4 pings in the span of 12 minutes, the ban you have is not permanent however, right?

me when


It is permanent because mutes have no end date. Also what pings are you talking about?

maggot man finally pinged his last ping

like roseanne being racist because she was flying high on ambien

Eh, this one was funny though, if I were admin or mentor I would’ve laughed at it because it’s not for a crappy reason, it’s comedy just unbean him, no one’s angry.


Bumping because I lost access to the mentor channels because of this which means I can’t help people as well if I don’t know something.

We’ll just make this easy. If you are unmuted and granted your perms back, can we agree that you wont ping any roles unless absolutely necessary?


OK. I’ll unmute you, but you’re on thin ice mister.