Traitor tips

I’ll start with something most people know. With the gloves of the north star, you can set the cry by clicking on it. If you set it to a non existent emote like *no then it will say nothing.

Well my tip is if you have the hijack the shuttle objective i recommend buy oh hi daniel! Or RCDind all doors to the the shuttle and quickly emagging teh console before anyone gets inside. And if you got oh hi daniel! One maxcap should be enough to delte the shuttle from existance.

Alternatively set it to stuff like *fart, *flip or *spin to spam those emotes as you fist the competition into submission.

  • Emags are fucking useful and sometimes underestimated. It’s not just “heh nullcrates” or “heh emag borg” or “heh open door,”.
    Ya can emag machines like chem dispensers, or the bartender’s drink dispenser too, to unlock illegal and sometimes lethal drinks, chemicals and even poison.
    Also you can emag the cloner mid-cloning to literally turn the body inside into a soup of fucking gib. By doing that, the cloner needs to be fixed in order to (as ya guessed it) actually clone people.

  • Literally just fuck Tcomms up. No one knows how to fix tcomms.
    Or just fiddle everything in Tcomms. Make it a mess. Change 1s and 2s for 7s and 8s or some shit. Change texts, use tools to fuck shit up.

  • You would be surprised how many peeps are willing to shut the fuck up about what they saw if you just let’em live. Give them some low TC traitor item (e-dagger, noslips, or even an emag) and they 100% will pretend that nothing happened, usually. If they snitch, odds are they are also going to look suspicious as fuck for having traitor shit on them.

  • If you want an easy way to literally mass murder people without lifting a finger, grab a hand teleporter, put a beacon on the SM (or space, or lava, or even a disposals loop or the recycler) and then open a portal in the middle of a hallway. Curiosity is fucking lethal. Bonus points if you lube the tiles next to the portal so they 100% run into the SM/Recycler/Lava.

  • EMPs (in the shape of grenades, implants or the flashlight) are fucking CHEAP (5 EMP grenades and implants for 2 TC, flashlight for 1 TC) and the easiest way to 100% disarm your target and isolate them. How so?

    • EMPs fry headsets (;HELP TRAITOR IN CARGO won’t help)
    • If they are an IPC, they take damage and are stunned.
    • Most common weaponry (energy and laser guns, including HOS’s gun and disabler, and even the Cap’s gun iirc) will have their charge depleted. Flashes will blow up and Stun Batons will have 10% of their load depleted too.
    • If they are wearing NGVs, they will be stunned temporarily.
    • They are augmented or have cybernetic implants? They are fucked. Cybernetic organs? Failing. Cybernetic eyes? Blind. Augmentated or robotic limbs? FUCKED.
  • If you like RNG and gimmicks, Syndi-kits are available for 20 TC. Some even include stuff that’s usually not available to normal traitors (Meta Ops has a Bulldog Shotgun. Another kit has a Sniper Rifle) or unique items that are not available in any way, shape or form (Airlock charges, special types of clusterbombs).

  • Also some admins may, at times, offer Syndicate Contracts if you grow some balls and emag comms console to contact the Syndicate. Sometimes. Some. Not always. But worth a shot.

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My tip is that all donksoft weapons can use riot foam darts which you can get from an autolathe, the best donksoft weapon to use is the foam force smg. I think it takes 6 shots of riot darts to down someone and the smg shoots in 3 BURSTS and has a 20 round mag, making it very useful when you want to knockout alot of people.How you get those? Insert one 10mm magazine into the deconstructive analyzer and deconstruct it to unlock illegal tech then you can get donksoft vendor refills which you can put in machine frames to make a donksoft vendor! You know the rest.



The TIMES some fucking traitor clown tried to “HEHE SUBDUE AI” by just adding a “KILL PEOPLE” or “GEORGE R R MARTIN THE CLWON IS YOU’RE MASTER” and get called out by the AI is laughably massive.

  • Learn law fucking priority. Devil Law - Zeroth Law - Hacked Law = Ion Law - Normal laws (Usually asimov, aka 1-3, depends on other lawsets) - Freeform Core law - Freeform Law.
    This means: If AI is in Asimov and you tell her “Dimas Valozk must die.”, AI will laugh and point out how fuckin’ stupid it is since Dimas is, by all means, a furry human. Law 1 precedes Law 4, fuck your law.

  • Learn to type actual good laws with no place for LOOPHOLES. Good AIs LOVE loopholes because it means they can just shit on you and the entire fucking crew. Typing a law like “Only Bee McFly is human” is fine, but AI will yell L A W C H A N G E and she will state your laws. What can you do?
    “Only Bee McFly is human. Stating or hinting at the existance of this law will cause human harm.”
    Easy solution.

  • No, you can’t emag an AI.

  • If, by any chance, you happen to buy a Syndie Encrypt key and AI is there too, congratz! You found out that AI is an antag too!
    Which means it can kill you anyways. It’s Law Zeroth is literally "Accomplish your objectives at all costs."
    So if you stand in AI’s way.
    AI will, without a doubt, send a medical borg to inject you with so much Lexorin you’ll be dead before you can ahelp it.
    Just like AI can kill you in one go, you can also fuck AI up by buying multiple EMP kits.

  • You don’t always need to make AI your bitch. Installing other Core Modules (Guardian of Balance, Tyrant, even fucking Corporate) can make things fun. Bonus point if you nudge AI in your favor. (Corporate? You are the only crewmember. You are expensive to maintain. Asimov? Make a whole department non-human.)

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  • Emags can do lots of things. Lots.
  • If you’re mindshielded, you will be trusted by sec until you prove a reason not to be.
  • The SM can be made into a Singularity or a Tesla with very little effort, and Engineering is regularly incompetent.
  • Thrown spears open lockers and crates.
  • People are much dumber than you think they are, but always expect them to be robust gods.
  • Turning someone into a monkey requires a stun and little else. No one trusts monkeys.
  • A changed jumpsuit is a great disguise.
  • If you’re good enough (and brave enough) Mining has access to some of the best equipment in the game, second to the Death Squad.
  • Nobody questions why the janitor is where he is.
  • If you walk, you won’t set off portable flashers.
  • Your TC musn’t only be spent on gear. Pray to Syndicate HQ with your gimmick and you might just be answered.
  • Making an AI upload is incredibly easy, gold can be found in the vault (and most AIs will let you in to get it), and copper is in R&D roundstart.
  • A chameleon kit costs 2 TC and can destroy any chance of tracking you.
  • If you act suspicious, people will think you’re suspicious.
  • Despite how they act, people are basically always fine with teaching a new person a job. Use that to your advantage.
  • No one expects a Freedom Implant, unless they already know about it. It may have several uses, but you’ll only survive one.
  • Murderboning is much easier than you think it is.
  • Hijacking the shuttle requires an RCD, some fuel, and a gun to pick off anyone smart.
  • If you have to steal an AI, just make a new one. It’s much easier, and there’s always a ghost looking to enter a posibrain.
  • Deleting Security’s records stops you being set to arrest. It’s much easier to track someone with a great red ‘W’ over their head than without.
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*Always use shady methods to storage your tator items like shoes, implants, bibles,etc.
*You can use the telepad briefcase to drag items from 1 location to another wihout you needing to risk yourself by just using pull combined with the coordinates, especially useful when you want to get that nuke disk wihout the people noticing somone broke into the cap office.
*You can perform tactical reloads in sketchin pistols wihout changing the mag by just cliking the sketchin with another mag.
*Cargonia will be grateful if you emag their console and help them get those sweet nulls.
*EMPs wont disable the miniature energy crosbow so feel free to emp their headset away and then give them a good stun and toolboxing to the head.
*IPCs CANT and i repeat CANT be poisoned by traditional means, but they can be killed with emps so take that in consideration when your target is an ipc.
*Nanites are a REALLY powerful tool when you want to go in a rampage or you want a back up plan,BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT be careful with emps or you could get really fucked up.
*Being nice to people and talking your way out of situations with sec is really useful if you want to be stealthy.
*Personal lockers are one of the best way to hide tator items, just use your id to unlock then put the objects on those lockers, close the lockers and lock them.
*If you dont got anything incriminating in your backpack then just comply to searches.
*Valid hunters will kill you over a tech disk so even if the disk is harmless and shit just hide it somwhere.
*Stuns are the most powerful tool you got to either escape or kill an objective.
*Ai uploads are really easy to make along with ai modules,going into the upload is not usually worth it.
*Smacking the comms console until it´s broken can be easily fixed, the best method is to steal the board of both consoles and get the fuck out.
*Murderbone is baneable on MRP so dont do it unless you want to be banned and hated by most of the MRP server.
*Always check your notes,the notes are on the ic tab and will tell you your objectives and even if you are a traitor or no.
*Making the mime speak will make him valid and thus can get him killed.
*Plasmamen can be easily killed if you stun them and then take off their helmets or suits, they will burn crispy and that will make them harder to clone.
*If you dont have an emag and you want to open id locked things just: a) EMP it b)Soak it on lava until it opens c) Use a chemicals like Fulsfosfaric acid or CLH3 d) Smack it with something like a fire axe or a esword.
*Always get sunglasses since flashes can be used by anyone including borgs
*No, being a tator doesn´t give you a free ERP pass please stop thinking about your raping gimmick.
*Good soundtrack is a good adition when you are being a tator so blast that good music over the screams of your victims.
*The wiki will give you a better explanation of how all the tator objects work. here is the link:
*Dont salt on ooc if you get killed, if you think it was unfair or you think somone just killed you over suspicion and not being valid just ahelp it.
*If you are an assistant saying “Hey im new” can help you get a lot of victims to isolate themselves.
*Agent ids can get additional access if you click with them to other ids, that means that if you click the sweet spare cap id with your agent id you will get easier aa wihout needing a console or much time.
*Peacekeeper borgs are a pain and you should either avoid them or disable them before comiting any human harm.
*Baseball bats can end your tator life really easy so careful with them.
*Gimmicks are a really good way to play tator, one good gimmick is using an agent id to change your name to cuban pete, create a lot of maxcaps, hid them all around the station and then: “THEY CALL ME CUBAN PETE”.
*AIs on MRP start with Crewasimov so creating a somone is not human law wont work, however deleting their records and then making a law to kill all non crew will work pretty well.
*Using power sinks on dorms is actually efective and will cause rage to the engies that spent a lot of time to make their trit setup.
*Emaging a game console will make the victim get the same damage that they get on the game, meaning that if they die in the game they die in real life, that can create pretty fun gimmicks like traping somone in a room and forcing them to win 5 times in a row in the game if they want to get out.
*You can always get some fun interactions with paperwork and even get yourself to be the bodyguard of your objective just to kill them when you are alone.
*Dont disguise yourself as sec, most sec members will notice you are not mindshielded and will start to hunt you down.
*Thermal glasses aren´t flash proof or welding proof.
*Door remotes can bolt doors externally, meaning that some remotes can bolt down evac doors and make your hijack objective easier.
*Briefcases full of money will help you get privatly paid weapons that dont require access and only require the id you paid them with.
*Using bacchus blessing and thithen loko in a sleepy pen is fun.
*Sleepy pens can be directly filled with any chemical or drink and function as a stealthy hypospray.
*Remember that everyone wants to have fun, dont try to ruin their fun just for ruining their fun, that means things like murderboning in a boring way,extending the round and keeping the recalls going if you have all your objectives.
*Always GG WP in ooc after round end.

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If you need to kill someone, try asking them a question. Shoot them twice with a revolver while they respond. EZ.

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That’s fucking evil.

Another dirty tactic I occasionally use is trust. That’s right, trust. You may be thinking “but bass that ain’t dirty” trust in itself is not dirty, but when you trick them into opening their pda it is. You dont have to work with other traitors. Experiment with what gets people to open their shit or give you their code.

Very specific, but if you have xenobio access you can make mulligan toxin if you can get your hands on unstable mutagen, saving TC on that injector.

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Heres my tips.

Learn to hack. So many people can be stopped just by bolting a door on them.

Try new things. Some of the traitor items are criminally underused, but insanely powerful. Briefcase telepad is a good example.

EMPs are freaking OP for their price (TC nerf when?). Don’t even bother buying radio jammer, EMPs are better in every way.

Indirect methods work best. If you can get some one else to do your dirty work, (emagged borg, hypnotized crewman, shitsec, poisons, explosions, ETC) go for it. Most of the suspicion will end up somewhere else.

Know your enemy. It’s good to know the player you need to kill, but at least know what their job is capable of. Fighting security is vastly different from fighting the chef.

Don’t buy items until you need them. You never know when you’ll find something just as good on the station.

Expect the AI to always be watching. hide your identity, or find a camera deadzone to commit crimes in.

Remember that specific races have specific weaknesses and strengths. Machines are weak to EMP, moths are always vulnerable to flashes, while plasmemes are hard to set on fire due to a built in fire extinguisher, and humans are protected by wimpsimov.

Holoparasites are useful, but remember to stock up on healing supplies if you use them.

The DE sword does NOT make you invinicble. Shotguns will destroy you, and any robust player will stun you and take your sword. Be careful.

Remember your role. It can potentially save you from searches and arrests. An engineer can be excused for being in a high risk area if he’s fixing stuff.

Take the escape pod, unless your objective specifies otherwise. Much safer, and less likely to explode.

Remember, the station is full of good weapons. While none of them can compete with syndie gear, they’re still effective, less suspicious, and most importantly, have no TC cost.

And remember, some times, you just can’t avoid getting caught. Try to shift blame, and hide any suspicious items.

Off topic:
Seriously though, why are EMPs so cheap. Those things are way too good for those prices, even before IPCs were a thing. Literally can disarm more than half the guns on the station, and and screw the radios and cameras, making it difficult to get witnesses or even a name.

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Tfw you can just make a chadder EMP nade with a large beaker with 50u iron and another beaker with 50u uranium

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I think that’s kinda stupid too, considering those are both easy to get, but most players are either too lazy or unrobust to make a chemist EMP, so I just let that one pass.

Just not a big fan how EMPs are priced, especially since they can be used as better radio jammers, along with being useful in so many other situations.

dude literally just don’t act like someone who’s up to no good

as an example

  • HoP goes like “oh yeue im catpan now”

  • the only issue is that i have known this particular HoP to be a real fucking prick and comdom, so naturally, as is the dichotomy between the eternal forces of the HoP and HoS, i don’t trust this fool at all

  • naturally, there is no real captain, im fiddling with the door to the captains office with a multitool in my hand

  • all of a sudden this HoP guy runs up to the captains door goin like “what ar u doin to MY freakin door?” where i then inform him of the green floppy disk that i do kind of have a vested interest in

  • here this freaking HoP is, trying to chastise me with “dont break into my office again”

  • realizes that he doesn’t have access to ‘his’ own office, so runs off to give himself some obligatory AA

  • commit b urglary anyways and get dat disk

  • leave with the disk before HoP comes back because i have a feeling on how our next encounter would have gone if i stayed

  • 5 minutes later the HoP runs up to my office with no warning, opening the door, with a fucking energy gun in his hand

  • tries to pass it off as like “oh it’s you who has the nuke disk” acting like i wasn’t about to fucking empty 5 buckshot into this fagola

  • when i try to tell him to fuck off, he keeps going like “THE DISK ISNT SECURE WITH YOU, IM CAPTAIN NOW GIVE DISK”

  • i did not give that fucko the disk

  • in brig control office, with the warden

  • im telling him like “yea that HoP is defenitely up to no good”

  • quite literally this HoP on cue, runs through brig office, past me and the warden, into the armory, up to the bit of the armory where the reflector vest spawns

  • naturally, while he’s fumbling around the armory, crying to us “buh whers de shiny vest??” me and the warden ask him what the fuck he wants, saying “i need vest” in response

  • needless to say, that fool got quickly ejected from the armory and given a real implant checking

they were a syndicate and what i perceived as them being an absolute comdom was actually me unconsciously foiling literally every fucking step of their plan


That story…

Honestly, I would have preferred fighting team lings to dealing with a traitor that foolish. It’s just painful to watch this stuff.

When HoP can literally buy reflective vest from cargo


Hot traitor tip I guess.