Traitor on Traitor violence

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Traitors seem to be the target of other traitors pretty often.
Perhaps the system is even biased towards doing that? (Or maybe i’m just unlucky?)

Now, I think traitors being the targets of traitors is a bad thing because:

  • There’s a high chance of someone suddenly pulling out an e-sword to end your rare traitor round.
  • There’s a high chance of your target pulling out a revolver and gunning you down the moment you pull out your e-sword, ending your rare traitor round.
  • It discourages collaborating with other traitors, decreasing overall traitor power and making the round less interesting. (Rude traitors might already wanna murder you just for your TC.)
  • It removes traitors from the round, making the round less interesting for the crew and security.
  • It lowers the chance of normal crew members getting involved in traitor shenanigans, making the round less interesting for them.
  • You don’t get a message about being hunted like when you’re the target of an incursion team.
  • It makes an already stressful role even more stressful.

Personally, I believe lowering the chance, or even removing the possibility of traitors being the targets of other traitors would make playing traitor a bit less stressful, and the rounds a bit more interesting for everyone.

Why should traitors feel safe around other traitors when sec can’t even feel safe in their own brig(brig phys, lawyers traitors etc)

Not to mention that some coders are still trying to push a dumb idea where sec and heads can become traitors

I guess gameplay is all about “roleplaying” while ignoring paranoid, metagaming and powergaming - very good for your mental stress

yeah thats why i strongly dislike ex-comm. you know you are hunted down by a group.
It adds unnecessary stress.

rare traitor round.

Don’t put traitors on a pedestal. You’re perpetuating the cycle that’s ruining this game.

It makes an already stressful role even more stressful.

That’s part of the challenge…


Good points but I think it’s better for bee in the end for two diffrent reasons.

Incursion members get the advantage of full trust in each other in exchange for less tc. But when the more powerful antags begin to group up theres always a chance of betrayal.

I had a ling round recently where we took over the station and I got most of the lings supporting me. Sec had crumbled and we had aa and the whole armory on our side, crew where fucked. But then one ling turned around and plasma flooded me, which caused a tiny civil war in the ling ranks. Giving time for the crew to recover and fight back again while we fought.

In short, traitors having each other as objectives can make it harder on newer players, but also serves to stop experienced traitors from completely steam rolling together. Which I think is a good trade off.

(Also I find the paranoia fun)

Most people see traitor as just a rush for green text, but theres also a lot of players that use thier objectives in creative and funny ways. Ive had other traitors as a target many times and I usually try to make it interesting. I may propose an honorable syndicate duel to them. Or I could set up a double cross where I reveal I was trying to hunt them all along, giving them one last chance to fight me off or run to survive.

Anyways Ive seen this mechanic make lots of insane wacky and funny roleplay. So I think its nice.


well it is but i woudl like it if you had a choice if you want this added pressure or not

You do make a good point with the infighting thing, but ling on ling is a lot less sudden death than traitor on traitor.
Most traitors will try quietly assassinating you instead of giving you a chance to fight back. By the time someone gets an e-sword hit in on you, it’s over for most players.
IMO, ling on ling is fine.

I don’t think it’s that much of an issue, typically when I encounter another traitor doing traitor things I make it known that I’m also a traitor and usually try to team up with others. I’ve even had incursion teams play along with me, only to jack me up at the end after helping me complete my objectives.

From personal experience, I have killed traitors though who were too greedy and stole multiple objective items and refused to hand them over. Part of me wants the option to murder a fellow traitor, for their gear and TC. BUT the admin/IC part of my brain says that shouldn’t be happening (unless the proper gamemode) because you are all a part of the same organization and shouldn’t interfere or murder with each other.

Though a ling killing syndicate agents I am down for and have done myself before on multiple times. IC wise changlings work for their social groups (according to the wiki) and nobody else, so killing other traitors to take their gear is fine.

I rarely kill fellow tots… i brainwash them instead like i do to everyone else haha

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Theres not much point to killing other traitors. Chances are they have weapons to kill you back with and even if you do kill them so what? You already have your own weapon and chances are they’ve spent all of their TC already.

I brainwashed a guy once without even knowing he was a fellow tot. That was one funny round.

I think 6/7 of the last few traitor round I’ve gotten I’ve been the target if another traitor.
Kinda sucks

And I’ve never been in my life aside from being an incursion target, i think you are just unlucky on ungodly level.