Traitor item idea

I was looking at some other servers traitor items, and I saw one that might be helpful, particularly on LRP, where greytiding is common.

Behold, the advanced pin pointer.

Just an item that can track high risk items (captain’s gun, CE magboots, hand teleporters, ETC). It would probably be mainly useful on LRP when the grey tide steals both hand teles. Cost would be 4-5 TC.

Thoughts? I suggested this because we’ve all had one shift where we had to steal something, some one else took it, and we never saw that item again.


more like confiscate one of these advanced pinpointers as HoS and set it to the krav gloves so you know when some ling kills your wardn

Unless I’m mistaken, krav maga gloves aren’t high risk items (never heard of a traitor stealing krav maga for the objective).

yea but would you want some random ass crewmember with the krav maga gloves

plus, on other codebases, such as goon station and paradise station, the krav gloves are indeed a traitor steal objective

Krav gloves don’t exist on goon (neither do martial arts in general either)

advanced pinpointer would be really really good for when I need to do my objectives, but I suggest making it a bit inaccurate for balance memes

yea cant you already buy something like that

it’s the contracter pinpointer, which finds anyone, even with their suit sensors off, but is much less accurate, i.e. it says you’re on top of them at around -25 tiles away

well thats for people, this is for antag objectives. Also contractor pinpointer, more like, physical IAA pinpointer except it can change too

Probably a good idea. You just need a general direction to find it, not a little arrow pointing right at the guy.

Yeah, as neo mentioned, that’s for people, so it wouldn’t really help you find an item. Not to mention that thing costs legit 20 TC, so it’s not really a solution, even if it did target items.

I’ve never even looked at goon. I’m pretty sure I saw this idea on paradise.

Honestly having a pin pointer with briefcase telepad, thermal glasses and sneaky shit will make you the sneakiest tator in the station

says the unrobust antag

I may be unrobust, but at least i didn’t commit war crimes against the people of Iran

but warcrimes are fun

Remember, it’s only a war crime if some one lives to tell others about it.

How about something for traitor heads of staff that’s basically a mind control implant, I want to make it slightly more possible to get someone to do my job for me.

heads of staff are already powerful enough. i prefer how one other codebase does it does it, with such an item being assistant exclusive

Assistants would also be a good choice for the implant I just recommended heads of staff since they are in positions of power over the rest of the crew already and it kind of matched that

Sounds exactly like the mind slave implant I saw on the paradise wiki. I’m not entirely sure how effective the hypnotic flash is, so you may want to try sleepy pen and hypno flash before a mindslave implant is considered.

If it did get added, I think everyone should have access to it, not just heads.