Trainee roles or uniforms

I’m really sick of having to judge someones competence to determine whether or not I can rely on them. It’d be much better if it could be done at a moments glance.

Trainee uniforms would probably be rarely used (because their target users are new), but it couldn’t hurt could it?

Trainee roles locking you from the rest of the department until you put in a few shifts of time would really cut back on the “im going to shout at this new player for being incompetent because I dont know they’re a new player”.
Or the “Im scared to get into this department because I have no idea what i’m doing and I dont want people to think im stupid”.

Theres probably a good reason why this isn’t a thing, since its not exactly a new concept to ss13. I just think it should get a trial run at least.

Thoughts? Opinions? Im really curious


Adding a trainee beacon for assistants, which would give them the armbands and basic access to certain departments could be a good idea.

just port being able to change your roles name so you can be a trainee doctor or trainee engineer

Always pick random name trainee.
They underestimate
Roll antag
You decimate

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Just give players of a new role automatically an armband so you know they are kind of new to the job.


This is a bad idea, it’s giving assistants free access to areas. Assistants rarely have the will/brainpower to learn a department. Instead they’d use it to get insuls and tools from engi and go back to being greytiding shitters.

100 million trillion times better than giving assistants free access into a department.

I’d rather have this than assistants, every time I wanna learn I have to be a grey shirt, run by HOP, beg for access, or wander into a department suspiciously and ask someone to help me. It’s pretty unpleasant.

I always suggest that people take the crash course ghost roles if trying to learn something new:

  • Hotel. Minor Engineering and all Service jobs

  • Lavaland Hospital. Medical (Rescue, Surgery and Chem)

  • Lavaland Syndies. Chem, Viro, Bartender

  • Plant people. Botany (Normal)

  • Ashwalker. Survival, Lavaland PVE, beginner Mining and Botany (Hardmode)

  • Hermit. Same as above but alone

  • Charlie Station. Engineering, EVA, (ranged) PVE and R&D

  • Golems. Mining, R&D, Robotics and then anything you want.

  • Drones(WIP). Engineering and Janitorial.

(Think I got them all)