[Traildoggy] Jeremy Pavlov Report

   CKEY: Svej_ak

   Your Discord: Gosha#4673

   Offender’s CKEY: Traildoggy (if i can trust old OOC logs from discord)

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Jeremy Pavlov

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 11-07-2020 (why are we using inferior date system)

   Round Number: 23574

   Rules Broken: 5

   Incident Description:

I was CE, Ollie Mac’O. I arrive to the station and hear on comms helpful “Hi CE, it’s revs”. I head straight for brig to get my implant, glasses, weapons, and get more debriefing than “it’s revs”. Immediately (and I mean immediately) upon entering brig I get chainflashed by Hibab Salim, cuffed and thrown into cell without timer. What the fuck? Whatever, shitsec be shitsec. I am left here without being said a word of anything, not even a slur in my direction, let alone explanation. I remove cuffs and try to break out the windoor from inside the cell. Detectives sees me. Target locked, he opens windoor, showers my face with pepper spray, cuffs, and starts dragging me around for a minute or so. He then announces “I will gulag you for breaking glass door”. Yes, he decides to send CE on a revs round to lavaland. He seems to require absolutely no orders from his higher-ups, because he is the law and punishment. He then decides that first he needs me demoted. Again, fully on his own accord. He takes me cuffed straight to the HoP line. In the HoP line while I am being held by him, some rev charges me and starts bashing with fire extinguisher until i bleed. That does not concern Jeremy. He takes off my ID, gets shoved by someone. I run to the command central, consider my options, decide that this still can be resolved, and after 20 seconds come back to HoP. Someone uncuffs me, I get new ID, and cause all this time I am bleeding, before coming back to sec for more answers, I head to the medbay, where helpful rev medics finally put an end to this painful round for me.

I ahelp the event, spectate. Someone brings a cuffed clown to security. Jeremy, convinced he is the Lord when he lays his vengeance upon them, executes clown on the spot by unloading 5 revolver bullets into his head. Local lawyer who was doing a usual honest lawyer job of flashing escaping prisoners and being a brig phys minus red cap takes the clown to brig med, to save clown. Detective harmbattons lawyer for giggles. And these are just 2 events that I had displeasure to experience, according to OOC that round he was generally griefing all throughout. My ticket went ignored.


Any time now

Mrp security moment 202020

That’s the second forum report I’ve ever made (with admins present on the server at both times, just missing tickets), and the first one was closed by Ruko in that “oh no, too many tickets ignored” wave. Offender of the first report was permabanned month later due to other offenses.

Ticket about a detective trying to demote CE and executing clown for existing both on his own accord? Who gives a shit? Ticket about being arrested roundend for having syndie beer? Gotta deal with that.


ayo watch your jet

Will investigate when I return home.

Sorry for the delay, turns out the logs have been wiped due to memory issues so I have to get kibana access.


Report Resolved.

Also kibana is nice.