Toxins Guide?

Hello I seen that someone asked for a guide here so I’m going to do the same. I am hoping that someone could make a guide on making a science maxcap. The wiki is too wordy and confusing with a lack of pictures. So if possible could someone make a simple guide (with pictures). It would be most appreciative if someone could do it.

Will do when i get home.

Thank you mighty maxcapper

Here’s one that works semi decently for mass-producing smaller maxcaps, the original post is pinned to #general on the discord. Not mine, I don’t take credit, but it’s a decent guide. Original thingy:

How to make a maxcap in two minutes

  1. play scientist
  2. research “industrial research”
  3. replace heater components with two high-powered lasers
  4. hook and then unhook plasma cannister to heater
  5. set heater to Max heat and turn on
    6)connect air pump to heater, set to IN
  6. put emergency air tank in air pump (must be empty), turn on, set to max
  7. briefly connect and then disconnect o2 canister to cooler
  8. set cooler to 75, turn on
  9. attach air pump to cooler, set to 1790 pressure, set to IN, insert emergency air tank, turn ON
  10. turn off both air pumps, eject tanks, connect to talk transfer valve.

Congratulations, you’ve made a maxcap in two minutes!

But that’s for a big boom max cap I’m looking for a big point maxcap.
Unless it’s somehow is a big point maxcap.

yes, you should be on the look out for the differences in a toxins lab setup for making a 50k research bomb and the lab setup for making 7 maxcaps designed to be more destructive than a syndicate bomb