Toxici11is ingame ban appeal (Zodrak2.0)


Admin’s CKEY:ZodrakDovah

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:both

Ban Type:server

Ban Length:Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):2019-09-15 17:25

Round ID:7125

**Ban Reason:

broke his last strike, caused a mountain of tickets as clown, and i personally saw him beat a mime into crit, try to weld a sec officer into a locker after disarm shoving him, keep in mind these arent related to any of the tickets, i blame it on kain


**Appeal Reason: As zodrak got deadminned, and the fact that the ban reason by itself was utter dogshit, i felt its time to appeal. Firstly, he contradicted himself inside the ban reason “caused a mountain of tickets” but then later said “this was not related to any of the tickets, blame it on kain”. When later asked about it (I also asked kain) he admitted to watching me, not even checking for tickets and was waiting until i performed a “bannable action” that wouldve “violated my last strike”. This was proven (if you check the logs) when instead of asking me what i was doing, or the mime even ahelping, simply messaged me, in the middle of healing the mime out of crit (i only critted him) “You are being bannud” and then banned me
On the original thread, i had screenshots of ahelp logs etc for the round and none of which were from the mime, nor sec officer. The fact i even got banned for this, and it was allowed to go through at the time was stoopid

Also, ive changed quite a bit**

Additional Information:


zodrak a real blackie
unban toxic he is chad coderman

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your vote doesnt matter, you are neither a mentor nor staff member.

Also im pretty sure i banned you for mass griff, go away

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nvm your somebody i reported methinks

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Toxic is Toxic

20 charrrrr

Toxic is Toxic.

20 chars tho

ok bitch STAY BANNED

I personaly play on the same server as him,and i can vouch
HE DIDNT CHANGE A LITTLE BIT,he still spergs out second he gets robusted/doesnt get his way.
Slanders people
Meta grugdes
And more

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How about, go away.

Dovah is indeed a dumbfuck with his explanations.

But still.

yeah toxic is a fuckcupcake i do not miss in the slightest. worse than grog.

wtf is a fuckcupcake

hoes mad at chad
he atleast knows how to code and isn’t a bigger sperg and autist than grog

grog seething Post must be minimum of 20 characters

Thats why theres a player report against you on hippie and not me…


20 words btw


Even though I absolutely fucking hate dealing with his issues in-game, banning him just because is retarded.

as i see it, guy’s a shitter and is banned for being one. Especially with recent changes, bee should at least be trying not to be a refuge for guys like him

I got banned without being bwoinked, nor the mime actually ahelping. It was a valid IC situation and zodrak banned me without bwoinking, nor asking me.

7 pages of notes, multiple permabans. from what i’ve seen of you recently you aint changed a bit either. You coming back to bee at this specific time also makes me think your intent is purely malicious