Toralian banned by Yoshimiwastaken





Job and Game

Perm and month


Unknown, but before 25442

Ban Reason: Nonantag viro, managed to release a virus that made teratomas, bees, and walking germs.

Appeal Reason: They didn’t release the virus, it was ME. I spawned in as a terratoma in the money cage, ventcrawled out, then beat them into crit in order to steal their ID and escape viro proper. I then successfully spread the virus to a lot of the station.

I get why they were banned, they have a history of bad diseases and releasing bad diseases as a viro, but in this particular instance at least, they were innocent. Or maybe someone negligent, but still, they did try to stop me.


Teratoma dissease how :flushed:

Pituitary disruption with stage speed threshold

This has been resolved, sorry for any inconveniences!