Toralian banned by efemu

Title: Toralian banned by efemu

Admin’s CKEY:
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
Which server did the ban happen on?
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
9999-01-01 12:00
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
2021-06-03 18:29
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Perma until appeal. Welderbombing as a pacifist, actively hostile in ticket. auth:bloons3
Appeal Reason:
Already explained it in conversation with him, but apparently telling him ones to fuck off with the accusations is considered “actively hostile”.

First welderbomb happened in sec. I was a brig phys and gathered everything for healing humans and robos in my office, including toolkit, coils and fuel tank. Antag with holopara attacked and critted hos. While he was busy with others i dragged hos into my office and tried to heal him. Antag broke in - i welderbombed myself. Antag was dragged away almost in crit by holopara. Hos got dragged by borg to shuttle later and i was cloned.

When i was cloned i was attacked by same antag with an axe. Ran away and got another fuel tank just in case. Made it to a shuttle. Suddenly Xeno Queen along with 3-4 xenos teleported to it. I welderbombed her which got her stunned and killed. Hull wasn’t breached, barely anyone got hurt.

As efemu said aparently pacifist means you can’t do anything - just drop on the floor and die. I disagree. That’s all.

You’re trying to bypass being a pacifist to attack people.

“In case I need to attack someone again, I will prepare a bomb to harm them, as someone who doesn’t believe in using harm”

If you’re playing pacifist, you’re not supposed to be attacking or harming other people. As a medic, you have non-harmful ways to detain people and stop them.

Use them.

So i should just sit and die in face of certain death? Because i’m a pacifist? What about antag pacifists?

I was cloned and it was the same antag who almost killed me in brig. Again - i barely hurt anyone and queen got dealt with quickly.

Does brig phys has any detain items nowadays? Or should i powergame and get everything prepared?

If you think that pacifist medic can’t save lives by sacrificing himself - just keep me banned.

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You should not be seeking violent conflict as a pacifist. That means you are expected to
flee conflict instead of bombing people.

They have the same access to medical that EMTs do, and EMTs are able to restrain unruly patients without killing them, or using bombs.

Okay. Where could’ve i fled to from a shuttle with just teleported queen and 3-4 xenos or from my office in which antag with holopara was breaking in to kill me and hos?

And both times i didn’t actively sought the conflict - it came to me.

The conflict coming to you doesn’t matter, you’re still expected to avoid it. Sometimes you can’t avoid it and you will come to harm.




  1. a person who believes that war and violence are unjustifiable.

“she was a committed pacifist all her life”

Pacifists do not act violently at all, even in self defense. That’s a major part of that belief.

Welderbombing anything is a clear violation of this.

Then keep me banned. Can’t agree with that.

Maybe you should look more into pacifism?

Bro this isnt really worth being permad for.

Just dont use pacifism ever again as an in game trait and you will be well off.

Pacifism is not about allowing everyone to beat your ass and letting everyone around you to get hurt by your inaction. I choose not to harm anything normally, but in dire situations - i should be able to do something instead of just sitting there watching - i can just “play” spectator then.

Normally I’m a pacifist, but if I had a gun I’d kill the guy

N…No… It’s not. But they firmly believe in handling conflicts in entirely nonviolent ways. Again, that’s a major part of the belief and it’s also a major part of that trait. It’s a limitation for a reason.

I’m a pacifist - I can’t use a gun.

Normally i’m a pacifist, but if someone will start to chop my legs off - i’ll just let him.

And i have it in my character due to perks. I did nothing my limitation didn’t allow me to.

Ah yes. Clearly. That’s why this thread doesn’t exist and you weren’t banned, right?

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That’s what we’re discussing here, no? If you stay firmly on the stance that pacifists must just sit around and patiently wait to be dismembered - then there is nothing to talk about. Keep me banned and say that pacifist can’t retaliate in any way in any circumstances and must just sit and wait their doom.

If this is what you think pacifism comes down to, I’d strongly urge you to play with a different trait.

As someone else said, this really isn’t worth eating the perma over, but if that’s really how you wanna be with it then I guess that’s how it’ll be.

Look, this isnt people saying pacifists cant perform self defence, its them saying that a pacifist by definition is against inflicting pain, Just take a shorter ban and remove pacifism from your traits, Or secure a stun baton. You keep trying to put words into peoples mouth here.

I’m far more inclined to keep you banned because of your toxic attitude in tickets than anything, but you don’t have to tell me twice.