TopZoozle Banned by Pixelman77

CKEY: TopZoozle

Admin’s CKEY: Pixelman77

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:Both

Which server did the ban happen on? Golden - For Beginners! Low RP Chaotic Fun!

Ban Type:Permanent

Ban Length:Forever

Ban Date (08/06/2020):

Round ID:19529

Ban Reason:Blew up chemistry because someone refused to give them limbs. then disconnected

Appeal Reason:I actually didn’t plan on blowing up chemistry, it was a missclick because I actually haven’t messed around with grenades much, I never did it because I wanted limbs, I was with a friend that said that but that was just a joke, other than that, we never disconnected other than after we died but I got disconnected from host I never closed the game. I didn’t mean to cause this person harm it was just a simple mistake

Additional Information:

You had a say log that said “give limbs” and then “Or I’ll blow up the robotics!”
Then you activated the grenade as soon as cap threw your potassium bottle to prevent you from making more grenades.

I will lift this ban, this was a perma just to force you to come here and explain. Don’t do such things again please.

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