Toogrand’s mentor application

Your CKEY: Toogrand

Your Discord: I am unable to access my discord tags at the moment, but if you search bacon boy you will find me on the discord

How long have you been playing ss13?: a few months

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: cant think of anyone

Game Experience (More Detailed): I often play captain and I have experience as a HOP. I often make mistakes and my ADHD often affects my choices, but I don’t want my bad history to hinder me from helping other players and assisting the server. I hope I can be a mentor to help others get into this wonderful server.

alright lets see if you know things
-1 What slime extract speeds you up
-2 Someone mhelps what the ??? trait in strange seeds does
-3 someone mhelps about their strange seeds not having any traits
-4 how to get bananium
-5 how to talk while in crit
-6 where to find emojis
-7 about a PDA having a “send virus” function
ill add more questions when i think of them

edit: looked up your bans, you have two mostly for ungabungaing, you should be good to apply provided you do, in fact, know things.
edit 2: based on the fact that you know monke can become big monke when exposed to hurty green light you’ll get through the questions no problem have fun being mentor

1 red extract
2 that means it’s a random trait
3 I believe that means it doesn’t have a trait but I have very much experience in hydroponics
4 it can be found in space on a zlevel with 2 crashed ships, I believe you can also find it on lava land but very rarely
5 do # then whatever you wanna say
6 do :ai: or what every emoji ya wanna do
7 you most likely have this function because you chose to play as clown or bought the det cartridge as traitor

1 is cool, theres others but when people ask for slime speed that’s the one they want (theres also like no xenobio mhelps ever so)
2 i only keep asking this question because i hope someone can answer it conclusively
3 correct
4 correct for the first bit, you find it on lavaland in the honk trial ruin, buried within the rocks, or make it with slimes
5 good, but you should probably warn them that if they’re below a certain health it kills them.
6 i was hoping you’d direct to this wiki page but eh (Emoji cheat sheet - BeeStation Wiki)
7 also applies to mimes but other than that pretty good.
oh right yeah that’s a +1 from me coach

I had to explain the basics of xenobio like 3 times, it was the most mhelped topic I answered.
Hi yes open that locker and grab that bag, it stores up to 25 slime cores and monkey cubes in it.

3 out of 3 times the person got ganked by some ling when they started asking about cross breeds and slime core uses.

i mean the reason theres probably no xenobio mhelps is because i main xenobio sooooooooooooooooooo

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What are your hours?

send hours from in game tab

Meaningless engineering questions from non mentors when?


Why aren’t all consoles deconstructable?
The server room has no scrubbers yet it still cools the air, what’s up with that?
How to build tiny fans and dual vents?

(Thank Mat for these stupid questions.)

Because Demdisco is cringe I’m going to go with easier ones.

A) What’s the prefix for xeno channel?
B) I’m fat, how can I stop being fat? (3 methods are okay, or 2 whatever).
C) You are HoP, person asks if they can blow themselves up in HoP line because they are a rev (also no admins online), what do you do?


You are not fit to be a member of staff based on your note and ban history. Expect this to be denied regardless of your game knowledge proven.

Consider staying on LRP where you won’t constantly be at odds with RP rules and this opinion is bound to change


Yea I’m going to go with ruko, -1

Meh ill take this as denied

Denied moment, 20 chars