To all these dumb sseth riders who keep PMing me

listen kids, i know you think youre hot shit in ss13 but i need to make it known that im not the kinda ss13 player you wanna fuck with. you little ssethtider shits can send me all the get well cards or whatever from whoever the fuck the “merchants guild” is but kid, youll never be good at space station 13 like i am. why i rush the CE and kill them roundstart for their gamer gear as a non antag? thats just skill kid, skill you wouldnt understand, because you play on sage. i play on golden, im not to be fucked with. im fucking serious about this game kid, everyone likes to post the “i quit my job to play ss13” copypasta… but im fucking legit, okay? so dont fuck with me, retard. because you know what a space station 13 player like me does? i play for the GAME. why would i roleplay in a game like this you dumb little fucktards? im a serious gamer. i take games seriously but not serious enough to consider them art because thats for SJWs and feminists, which is also why i exclusively play atmos tech and toxins scientist. it’s because i know what this game is for, and thats the atmospherics simulation. okay kid? i know how to make a maxcap so you should STAY THE FUCK AWAY. so go send “the merchants guild” my regards when i fucking hunt you down and DDOS your IP address, and then we’ll see who’ll be laughing then huh? NOT YOU! because im a fucking serious player, alright kid? so FUCK OFF ALREADY



tell us a joke funny guy

Stfu retard, not funny!

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is it bad that I don’t know what a maxcap is

How times have changed maggot

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Alexanderself1, professional necromancer.



This is like the navy seal copypasta but SS13 version.

I flagged your post for containing the R-word.

The necroposting is strong here.

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