TL;DR for Self Surgery

This is a TL;DR for a previous post which is now gone.
Add self surgery
Tank mood, increased damage when failing, increased fail chance even with proper tools.
Use for honey and other “stabilizers”
Can put prosthetics, and arguments on by yourself and some others.

Bla bla bla thanks for reading.


Time to hoard spare cyborg limbs

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Self-surgery may be a good QOL addition, though I wouldn’t support it. The only reason to go Med Doctor at the moment is to perform surgeries and removing that element will cause them to be useless.

For IPCs

They should be able to self-surgery amputate from roundstart as their limbs fly off in only a few hits as is. Give them a way to do it without excess damage.

For Non-IPCs

Like Experimental Surgery is late on the tech web, perhaps it can be locked behind research, only a limited array of surgeries is possible, plus require building an easily sabotaged and resource-expensive AutoDoc machine.

Emag it to automatically dismember or poison any patient inside, so people will soon hear enough horror stories of AutoDoc death traps and surgeries from doctors will remain a popular choice.

Even building one for your own department you’ll be wary of not watching the machine setup process closely because it only takes a second to emag something.

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I would say very few surgeries should be performed by yourself with increased collateral damage and lessened success chance, such as removal of embed objects (if bullet sharpnel becomes a thing), dental implants, or the such, no organ manipulation for poppin’ that xeno larva out by yourself kind of shit whatsoever.
i support the autodoc idea, but it should be behind a special node (see: abductor research, for example, or syndicate tech) or very high research (miniaturized bluespace + new biotech level, containing other objects, would suggest a bioprinter whatsoever + experimental surgery), otherwise will happen that nobody will emag it, and wont be used.
this autodoc will require a lot of balance, though, since performing augmentations and such by yourself is something extremely valuable. Examples of balance is cooldown between operations, high costs on materials, discouraging the construction en masse of these, and slower operation times.


I agree with azlan, since you shouldnt be able to just remove your heart or perform brain surgery on yourself. It should be minor surgeries only, such as the ones azlan said. I also don’t support being able to aug yourself as that just seems like it would be used and abused far too much.

i mentioned the augmentation for an autodoc balance example, but it does also apply for self surgery too lmoa