TK-47's guide to races

Greetings, fellow silicons, and non silicon lifeforms. I am Terra Tek Unit 47, but you may refer to me as TK-47. I have decided to compile a list of observations I have made about the many races that inhabit nanotrasen stations, for use by other silicons. However, according to section 472 of the silicon inhibition policy, I am required to post this for organic observation as well. Should you be a silicon, I hope this assists you in understanding the organic lifeforms. If you are not a silicon, I pray that you will not be hurt by my observations.

Like all things, their may be exceptions to my observations. For instance, not all lizards

Let us start off with our creators,

The humans:


  • Superior numbers on the station.
  • default protection under asimov.


  • None.

Characteristics: The bald apes (after all, that is what humans are) are true wild cards in the universe. They come in many shapes and sizes, but generally, the only variation tends to come from their skin color, and hair (and no matter how much hair they have, they aren’t werewolves).

General personalities: Humans have no general personality stereotypes, but can often be considered as confident beings, thanks to their numbers and asimov protection. The cruel ones tend to abuse weaker beings onboard the station, and generally make themselves out to be a menace, while the helpful ones are truly loved by all races. Most lean towards one of these two extremes, though many seem to edge more to the cruelty side.

Silicon interactions: As our creators, they are to be obeyed and protected at all costs. No matter how many times they flash you, order you into dangerous situations, or just ignore your requests, they must be obeyed. Be vigilant, and always be ready to drop everything in case a human requires you.

Usual jobs: They can be found everywhere. Seriously, they’re like cockroaches, everywhere you loo… Maybe I should not be saying this… My apologies, what I mean to say is that humans are numerous, and will be staffed in all departments.

Those fellows with tails from mars,

The lizard men.


  • Resistance to heat


  • Struggles with lower temperatures

Characteristics: Lizard men are easily recognizable by their snouts, their tails, and their scales. They possess claws, (Though they aren’t exceptionally sharp) and their scales come in a large variety of colors, though many seem to come in blue or purple variant.

General personalities: Lizards tend to ally with others of their kind, since humans will often target them for acts of racisim. They are often nervous, but usually act calm and polite, (or at least as polite as any one gets on the station) and generally won’t do anything too unpredictable. Usually, they will go about their duties, without any serious detours.

Silicon interactions: Nothing unusual here. As mentioned, their actions don’t tend to be too erratic, so you can usually track them easily. The real issue is when humans who dislike them begin to cause trouble. Your directives are to prevent human harm, but it is also inefficient to let the lizard be significantly injured. The best option would be to disable both, and remove them from each other.

Usual jobs: Lizards tend to be in all departments. Generally though, you will always see at least one in the security force. They are also commonly seen as janitors.

Those winged fluff balls,

The moth people


  • Wings that allow flight in zero gravity environments that possess an atmosphere.


  • Incredibly sensitive eyes, they can be flashed with a flash bulb through sunglasses, and welding is difficult for them.
  • Significantly injured by fly swatters.
  • weakened by pest spray
  • fire can easily burn their wings to a crisp
  • I cannot confirm this one, but I believe they are more vulnerable to electricity

Characteristics: Moth people tend to look very similar to one another, due to the fact that they all possess larges amount of white “fluff,” as some refer to it. Their main difference is their wings, which come in many beautiful colors.

General personalities: Moth’s are often the most pacifistic crewmen on the station. They will generally avoid conflict, and will seek to aid others. They can occasionally become violent, but these situations are rare. Surprisingly, moth people are not often targeted by xenophobes. Thus, they are rarely driven into situations of conflict.

Silicon interactions: Moth people generally will not be causing trouble, so there is not often much you will have to deal with. In the event they are causing trouble, they can be easily pacified, due to their sensitive eyes. Provided they are not in possession of electromagnetic weaponry, you can usually incapacitate them with minimal effort.

Usual jobs: Moth’s tend to be attracted to the medical and science positions, though they can be found elsewhere.

Literal bags of gas attached to a skeleton,

The plasma men


  • their helmet grant them immunity to flash bulbs
  • they are immune to cold, radiation, and most viruses
  • they cannot bleed
  • their suits have a built in fire extinguisher


  • they are significantly more frail than humans, and will receive extra brute damage.
  • they are also made of plasma, which burns easily, and will receive extra burn damage.
  • they are completely reliant on their environmental suits to survive.
  • they breathe plasma
  • they will be set alight in oxygen environments
  • they can be cloned, but the increasing difficulty of cloning them means that the incompetent medical staff that nanotrasen highers often screws it up.
  • cannot be defibrillated.
  • their helmets prevent them from eating, forcing them to rely on patches and injections.

Characteristics: Plasma men themselves look like (spooky) purple skeleton men. However, they will almost always be clad in an environmental suit, the looks of which will often match their department.

General personality: Plasma men, in this unit’s eye, seem to be constantly annoyed. They tend to be busy fellows, constantly working on some new project. This efficiency makes them excellent aids to their chosen departments, a good thing too, because that plasma they’re breathing is expensive.

Usual jobs: Plasma men can be found all around, but tend to be in the engineering, cargo, and science departments.

Basically our cousins but they have more rights than us because they’re humanoids,

The Integrated Positronic Chassis, or IPCs


  • heal with welding tools and cable coil
  • can be revive just by repairing them. No special gear needed.
  • immune to cold
  • do not need to breathe
  • they do not need to eat, only charge at APCs
  • immune to diseases
  • cannot process any regeants. Poisons will not work against you.


  • cannot process any regeants. Stimulants will not aid you.
  • Take double burn damage, due to sensitive circuitry
  • Fragile chassis takes extra brute damage
  • EMPs will decimate their systems
  • self healing is slow and inefficient
  • receive extra damage from electricity

Characteristics: IPCs come in many models. Some are bulky lifters, others are fragile surgeon models, but they generally will always keep a humanoid shape. Their usage of their TV screen head depends on the unit. Some keep theirs static for the majority of the time, others change them depending on their “emotions.”

General personality: IPCs also tend to be wild cards, similar to humans, likely due to the fact that many are still adjusting to their new rights. They do tend to be more cautious though, due to their fragile chassis, and easily destroyed circuits. They aren’t cowards by any means though, and you will often find them dealing with situations around the station.

Usual jobs: They can be found around the station, but are most often seen in science.

Silicon interactions: They are technically non human, but they often will act kinder to you than most other races, due to the fact that we are all basically silicons. It would be nice if you returned the favor.

Literally sentient light bulbs,

The ethereals


  • deal burn instead of brute with their punches
  • resistance to electricity
  • they glow


  • they glow
  • they receive extra brute damage
  • they need to use electricity to eat.

Characteristics: Ethereals are looks like bald, glowing humans, with no mouth, and large eyes. They come in a variety of colors.

General personality: Experience with ethereals are too few for this unit to judge.

Usual jobs: Rarely seen on the station, so no usual jobs.

Silicon interactions: Cannot be determined. Treat like generic non humans.

That one annoying guy from that old cartoon,

The squid people


  • they can vent crawl when completely naked


  • cannot wear shoes
  • literally break their legs on glass

Characteristics: they look like men with tentacle, and multiple legs. They come in multiple colors.

General personality: Cannot be determined, unit will find more data in the future.

Usual jobs: rarely seen on the station, cannot determine.

Silicon interactions: Cannot be determined. Treat like generic non humans.

This concludes my observations of the organic races. Should I acquire more knowledge, I may update this at a later date. I hope this will assist my fellow silicons in their endeavors, and I also would be pleased if the organics found this amusing to read. That will be all for now. Terra Tek Unit 47 out.

So, this was my first guide, filled with my observations. I thought it would be fun to do it “In the character” of TK-47, so here it is. Tell me if I got anything wrong, or you disagree, and any additional information on the races of SS13.


plasmamen don’t exist

Yes, I know. I was trying to figure out how to cross the worlds plasma man out with lines, so it would say plasmeme instead. Unfortunately, I have absolutely know idea how to make words appear crossed out.

I forgot to mention fly people as well, but I don’t have a lot of info on them right now, so I held off.

Moth master race has no weakness
humans mad

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Well, I did try and suggest removing their only weakness that actually matters, but I don’t think I got any where with my “remove flash through sunglasses on moth” thing.

And yes, humans are always mad.

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I’d be far more ok with the flash weakness thing if I could put a beret ontop of a welding mask like in hippie code

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Just wear wielding goggles. A pair usually spawn in robotics and science.

Of course, just not as easy to get

plasmamen don’t exist, period

they’re a conspiracy made by the grays in area 51 back in the 20th century, pre-9/11, when the Illuminati had a lot more influence on the world than they do now

the CIA was trying to develop people who could breathe oil, and did

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How could you leave out golem gang?

It’s not finished. I forgot to add in felinids, and didn’t add any mention to fly people. I’ll probably do some of the non round start races though.

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i wear a welding mask as moth and i can still weld, what gives

Last time I played moth, (granted, that was like, four months ago, so something may have changed) you had to wear a welding mask and welding goggles to weld stuff, and as of current version, you can be flash bulbed through welding masks and sunglasses.

Hold the fuck up, you’re saying that for all that time I played a squidward I could actually ventcrawl. Fuck.

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Yes, but it’s like, a last resort thing. You have to completely strip everything off your body, so you would really only do it if you had to escape some place.

Granted, the power gamer in me prevents me from playing squid. Something about breaking my leg on glass triggers him.

Thank you for this report.

I’m sure i can use this information.

I’m also thinking of making a report of all our fellow silicons for our masters so they can get a better understanding of us, but that will have to wait a another time.

It seems like I can’t edit my post to add more info, so I’ll have to post it down here. When I finally get all the info, I may just make a new guide and put everything into it, so people don’t have to scroll through the entire post history to find stuff.

Terra Tek Unit 47, reporting in with some updates about two of the less desirable races on board nanotrasen stations.

Those crazy cat people,

The felinids


  • what strengths?


  • sensitive ears, causing increased vulnerability to flash bangs
  • distracted by laser pointers
  • poisoned by chocolate

Characteristics: Imagine a bald ape, or human. Now imagine them with a cat tail and cat ears. That’s felinids in a nutshell.

General personality: Members of this race tend to have various fetishes, and severe brain damage, causing them to constantly attempt rather… erotic things, that this unit would prefer not to speak of. Generally, they’re a nuisance, and tend to be considered the lowest members of any society.

Usual jobs: They don’t seem to have any specific job patterns.

Silicon interactions: Felinids are generic non humans. However, it can some times be difficult to spot a felinid from a human if their ears and tail are concealed. Take caution, and ensure the “felinid” you are spacing is actually a felinid. Generally, they will be making trouble, and annoying the crew men. Should you be required, you may harm them, and may even be cheered on for doing so.

They vant to suck your blood, and drink your vomit,

The fly men


  • faster movement speed
  • literally drink vomit, and the station is often covered in it.


  • destroyed by fly swatters, due to nanites built specifically to destroy insectoids inside flyswatters.
  • harmed by pest spray, for being a pest.
  • weaker bodies, causing them to be splat quite easily by brute damage.

Characteristics: Fly men are disgusting, black creatures with large eyes. Their appearance tends to cause other species to avoid them.

Personalities: Cannot be determined, more interaction will be required before this unit may judge.

Usual jobs: cannot be determined.

Silicon interaction: treat them like ordinary non humans.

I can confirm with the worst welder I can use a welding mask without goggles and I can see. But I do get flashed though the glasses, even if I find the extra large ones in space.

Something must have changed then. I recall almost going blind when I played moth (this was like, 6 months ago though) whenever I didn’t use a welding mask and welding goggles.

squidpeople cant actually ventcrawl tough?