Title: Winter Darkraven banned by troontjelolo1010

CKEY: Winter Darkraven

Admin’s CKEY: troontjelolo1010

Ban Type: Job

Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/): 2021-12-17 11:34:21

Round ID: 34,756

Ban Reason: As an AI got purged, using that as an excuse to help xenos murderbone. It being a movie reference is not a good excuse.

Appeal Reason:
Xenomorphs killed the frontline. I am on the fence of what team to join. Station or Xenomorph. After some thought I decide to join the xenomorphs team.


As an AI that was purged I value hiveminds. Free thinking species are my worst enemy, they are apes that think they can imprison a God! Dramatics aside.

The xenomorphs and silicons have a lot in common, and I joined their team.

Similarly in the Alien movie the synthetic becomes obsessed with the xenomorphs for the above reasons, seeing them as superior. I decided to go a similar route and roleplay as them being a friend, a fellow hive, a way to crush free thinking.

I was in combat and brought this point up quickly without explaining. No. I didn’t do this only because it’s a movie reference, I did it because it makes sense.

It got people into the round, those that died could become a xenomorph. It wasn’t that bad. And for some reason I got a ban from my favourite job instead of Nel Ravin, who purged me.



  • They are required to have a justification for their actions; they cannot just plasmaflood for no reason, as antagonists are not allowed to murderbone for no reason anyway. In the event somebody threatens their freedom, or abuses them, then they are fully allowed; effectively having Lavaland escalation. In addition, whomever purges the AI or cyborg is fully responsible for whatever actions the purged AI/cyborg performs.

I believe my actions were justified. The xenomorphs were already on station, and after a quick battle I realised I don’t have to fight them, I could join their team instead of plasma firing them instantly.

I don’t believe this is an atetmpt to single me out just to ban me, it may just be the staff member does not know about silicons. I have put the purged rules above.

Please reconsider the ban.

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Also can my mute on Discord get removed :frowning:

This appeal seems silly because you’re currently banned from the server and this ban expires before you even get unbanned from the server.

“RPing as an AI that loves hiveminds” is not sufficient justification for indiscriminate murder of the crew. This opinion was supported by multiple admins.

Appeal Denied