Title: [Two players from round 9971] Player Report


GoatMonarch (I presume it’s asking for mine)

Your Discord:

Goat Monarch#7431

Offender’s CKEY:

No idea.

LRP or MRP server:


Offender’s In-Game Name:

Neko Sam && Alexis Timbs

Date (MM-DD-YYYY):


Round Number:

9973 9971 (CF Edit)

Rules Broken:

Unsure if it’s related to rule 8, I spoke to Bastian about the scenario, and they felt like it was some bad behaviour, and adviced me to make a report.

Incident Description:

Me the clown walked into the medbay, requesting the CMO ( IC name: Neko Sam ) if I could have some Potassium-iodine pills after I sneakily stole a sliver of the super matter, and needed to remove my rads. The CMO walked into chemistry and requested a barely active chemist to make some for me. The chemist clearly unresponcive I went in to make some myself, but overlooked the fact there was water inside of the beaker durring the potassium part. Nearly dead I did my best to disasemble a table and plug up the hole.

Admiting to the CMO that I did it by accident, and got it fixed. At that point I was heavily radiated, with seizures and vomiting. Stating I had plugged up the hole after it being an accident. Then comes Alexis Timbs the captain. Without tying me up, communicating at all, he starts to strip my gear and looks inside of my bag. Given I had a holoparasite that was a new player, and traitor gear to the elbows I were kind of fucked and unable to do anything about it.

The captain without apprahending or communicating at all takes out their sword and cuts me into pieces. I were not wanted, had not harmed a single invidual due to my two “steal objectives” and had a scout holoparasite hiding inside of me. And as a responce just ended up lynching and then gibbing me in the middle of the medbay. Hell Neko Sam flashed me in the middle of it just cause as I were being killed. I do not think that either head actually held up any standards whatsoever when it comes to this scenario.

Additional Information:

Major reason I made this post was because I was adviced to. The “lynch he, he antag” without proper cause is geting annoying.

Waaait I didn’t know they looted you and found your core. He still shouldn’t have randomly looted you while you were crit. That’s like taking shit from a cancer kid. I’ll be taking this report.

Found core, holoparasite thing, and a camera bug. Nothing exclusively hostile. Also it was quite literally taking shit from a cancer kid, given the radiation.

Allthough I were deaf durring it all, so I likely missed some dialogue the CMO said durring it.

i mean, you had a holoparasite, so it kind of literally made you undetainable

Besides they only saw the injector and not the holopara out and about. My issue is they did not play it out, and just punted a clown into the ground.

So, big problem. The logs for that round are gone. Gonna asked crossed about it.

Based on my search, the correct round looks to have been 9971. Attached logs for admins. Editing the OP to reflect the findings.

Oh it was of 9971? Odd, didn’t think I had missed any extra rounds given I worked on this right away afterwards.

Seems neko GOT flashed, and then flashed aoe. But, he did get randomly searched. How long ago did you steal the sm silver? I’ll check if someone called you out.


[2019-12-07 22:33:39.679] TCOMMS: Bloons3/(NULLPTR) [Common] (spans: robot ) “SM IS BURNING.” (language: Galactic Common) (Engineering (112, 72, 2))
This is the first message about it.

Then, you were trying to get potassium iodine for it.

Then blows up chem making it

[2019-12-07 23:36:15.234] SAY: GoatMonarch/(Solid Honk) “I did a whopsie” (Medbay Treatment Center (141, 115, 2))

You get stripped

019-12-07 23:37:27.608] ATTACK: Midijamz/(Alexis Timbs) has stripped Giggles von Honkerton off GoatMonarch/(Solid Honk) (NEWHP: 64.1) (Medbay Treatment Center (141, 114, 2))

And then murdered. Let me ask a bit more. I’m also on mobile so logs are hard to fuck with

I back whatever this nerd decides to place as judgmental oreo.

I hit the cap with a day ban, linked him this, and I’m curious on what he will say. Dont close this yet

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Time span of some ten minutes I believe. Sure a detective geting on the case to find out is a possibility with that time span, but in all honesty I doubt that captain would bother spending the time to run an analyzer. They wouldn’t have discused with the CMO if they were trying to arrest me.

That checks out. Now we wait for a response.