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is this really gonna happen? because that shit looks incredible. it does seem unrealistic but it’s only bc the ppl making it seem broke as fuck to me

Well it’s being worked on. And so have many other cancelled projects.
It feels more like some whacky test project that only exists for the lolz than an actual game. Judging by the videos combat’s gonna suck, constructings gonna suck, atmos’ gonna suck and movement’s gonna be slow as hell

there are a ton of ss13 “remakes”
Most are abandoned and the rest look like they are made by only looking at ss13 pictures and not playing it
don’t waste your time on them. they are incomplete AF and servers are always empty

That mentality is exactly what makes these projects fail. Support the project and tell the developer whats wrong. Projects fail because elitist neckbeards would rather sit in moms basement playing 2d spessmen on a 90s game engine, because its easier than providing true feedback

i have no problem with providing feedback and I’ve wasted a shit ton of time feedbacking random games and dev told “yeah whatever” and closed the project.
this looks really GOOD but it has nothing to show and I visited their TO DO list which is still full of basic stuff
the games that START as a opensource mass fan driven developing will usually fail as they are not organized.