Title: SirPennyApple banned by tamumus

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
In game
Ban Length:
Seven days
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
2023-01-13 15:56:49
Round ID:
2023-01-20 15:56:49
Ban Reason:
Validhunting as mime. Threw a bola at a traitor in full combat gear. Grabbed their Esword to land blows when they were down. Spent most of the round engaged in fights and little RP
Appeal Reason:
I find the punishment extremely harsh and the reason vaguely stated.

Splitting up the ban reason in multiple parts.
I have been banned for throwing a bola at a traitor who was actively murdering various people with a double esword. This whilst retreating away from this traitor.

Additionally the administrator seems to feel the need to add random notes to my ban as “Spend most of the round fighting” which is incorrect. It would mean I would have spend more than an hour fighting.
I feel the fact that the administrator added such remark to the ban is because he did not feel confident his ban would stand on its own with just the bola.
The same goes for the remark about my RP, I am playing the mime so it is not weird that there is little in the logs about my RP, due to me not being able to speak.

Lastly I will add that I was not the sole person attacking the downed traitor, there were many others however the ban logs state that I am the only one who has been punished for this.
Therefor I would like to make the point that others were not punished for this, leaving the only reason for my ban throwing the bola as I fled from the traitor.

Additional Information:

Your… emotes or PDA messages? You are expected to use those to express yourself, and not use the Mime’s inherent muteness as an excuse to avoid roleplaying.


Some elements that were left out in the (long) ticket we had before I decided to apply a ban and could be worth discussing:
_Earlier in the shift you stole the cap’s gun and an officer baton, why?
_Why were you throwing bolas at the chef?

You grabbed the guy DESWORD and clicked a few times. This is not good

The fight between me and the mime was because I was cooking “crazy burgers” and the mime repeatedly used TK and dwarfism to toss my ingredients and food into disposals aswell as at one point hitting me (oozeling) with cryokinesis, which dealt a lot of damage to me. I ended up getting sick of their shit after they came back and did it a few times, so I made a bola, failed a few times at catching them, then when I did, I tossed them into the kitchen, knocked them out and tied them up in maints.

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Looking at logs, it does appear that you fit the category of the person playing mime to not have to talk and do random stuff for the fun of it, only issue is that you didn’t manage to be fun.

You didn’t just throw one bola, you did more to counter that tot, and while he was being very threatening, you didn’t do anything else noteworthy during that round that would indicate that you were trying to roleplay a character.
Only noteworthy incident is you annoying Wrill, the other chef.

I’m sustaining this ban and note.