Title: ravellon Admin Report

In-game misconduct:

Title:  ravellon Admin Report

CKEY: dutchylwd (he was the one who got banned)

Offender’s CKEY: ravellon

LRP or MRP server: happened in sage but applies to all

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant): I dont know

Date (MM-DD-YYYY):  10-16-2020

Round Number: 22687

Rules Broken (if relevant): seemingly none

Part of Admin Conduct Broken (if relevant): unjust ban

Incident Description: The way i read it is that a borg refused orders from traitor on asimov. the said traitor was attempting to emag. it was not said what traitor was trying to emag, but what ever that was can be assumed to cause human harm, because of emags nature. considering that the justification was "metaknowledge of how traitors operate, apparent assumption that he can ignore orders from valids" he might not have seen the emag. However, acting traitors (traitors acting has high chance of causing human harm) can justify borgs disobeying law 2 because of a threat of breaking law 1, for similear reason borgs cant  help traitors, and letting him emag is helping him. 

TLDR; traitors have high chance of causing human harm so law 1 overrides

Additional Information: It was me who got banned i just thought that ban looked unjust considering lenght and that it applied to all servers. I will  write more reports in the further when i get into the condact with two of the banned (their bans also seemed weird and i have heard their names before).
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I fully agree that the ban was bullshit, but it’s not your ban, been appealed, Ravellon admitted to being wrong once shown the entire fuckton of evidence, and considering other mods posted in that appeal thread i’m pretty sure they are aware of the situation.
Nnnot really reportable, chief.

looking at beestation bans is my hobby and with that i am starting to notice a lot of patterns that i dont like. I will still be making soem more in future even tho those arent mine.

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go outside


So the admin admitted they were wrong, apologised, undid the issue, and several days later some literally who, unrelated to the issue completely, posts their opinion.

Not only that, you post in the additional information area that you are going to, of your own free time, scour the ban page and look through everything to post your opinions in the forms of reports on closed issues, and after this, press the players who likely don’t care that much as they are back playing the game.

That about sums this up?

All from someone who made an account 8 months ago and in that time has spent a grand total of 40 minutes on the forums. This being your second post.

And the entirety of this amounts to “I think it was unjust” okay chief. No.