Title: [Papito Rollin] banned by [Fighterslam]

Papito Rollin (papitorollin)
Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Extreme explicit content (?)
Appeal Reason:
Almost a year passed since then. Unfortunately, I cannot remember what happened, so I can’t really tell what’s the reason behind my ban. I have never posted any gore or +18 content. The real thing is that I’ve tested the code on a private server a few days ago with a bunch of friends, and I really enjoyed it, so I’d be glad to be part of the community again. I’d be interested to have a little chat with the admin who banned me to ask him the real reason of my ban, which I can’t tell because as I’ve already said I can’t remember what I could have done. I honestly regret all the mistakes I could have committed, any kind of problems I could have caused, and I sincerely regret any kind of inappropiate behavior that I could have had in the past.
Additional Information:

According to the ban reason, this ban is not appealable.
This doesn’t happen without the consensus from multiple, high-level staff members.

I’ll see if anyone else wants to weigh in before I close this, though.

Sorry for bothering, but, at least may I ask why I got banned?


With a ban reason like that, I find this hard to believe unless you suffered an account compromise. Even if an account compromise did occur, unless it’s easily provable on the staff end they will likely not consider the appeal since it is stated as unappealable and the stance on compromised accounts is that you’re responsible for securing it.

There is no indication of an account compromise.

The short of it is that you said some pretty disgusting things in-character towards other players. It’s not the sort of behavior we condone and it earned you that ban. As the reasoning states, this is not appealable. Denied.

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