Title: [Offender’s CKEY]: No idea but their names were Eva noided and Evelyn Evans

In-game report:

   Title: [Offender’s CKEY]: No idea but their names were Eva noided and Evelyn Evans

   Your Discord:Moccha#7119

   Offender’s CKEY:No idea But their names were Eva Noided, Evelyin Evans

   LRP or MRP server: LRP 

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Eva Noided, Evelyin Evans

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY):10/31/2019

   Round Number:8577

   Rules Broken:3

   Incident Description: They both started breaking into the armory since there was no captain or sec i decided to do their jobs. First i stunned and cuffed Eva than evelyn started to shoot me with lethals i was unable to fight back or  shoot him a single time so he ends up flash banging me and killing me with lethals, I was cloned and then went to go kill evelyin for killing me then eva who at this poit had all of the warndes  gear and weapons goes to bridge and breaks into caps office and since their had a mech i used my ion rifle on it and she comes out of the mech  flashbangs me and sends me into crit with lethals without me even hit them once. They broke escalation rules multiple times and when confrented about it said i was just ''Grudging'' And that they spared me for cloning me

   Additional Information:

Discord report:

Title: [Offender’s Discord] Discord Report

Your Discord:

Offender's Discord:

Rules Broken:

Incident Description:

Additional Information:

yeah eva noided was me, first of all, you are chap and shoulndt act like sec, you battoned me after i helped you break the sec closet, so next you go to batton other bro and get killed, thjat bro bringed you to medbay, then you proceeded to keep attacking us, at first i used non lethals but you were vamp and became bat, so i pulled out my shotty and shot you to down you, we werent hunting you constatnly or something, its you bothering us and getting fucked, i think we all should cool it

You shot me with the shotgun when i was not in bat form and sent me to crit. And he killing without me even hitting him once with anything was gross over escalation. I wasnt going for you i was for him to kill him as he had killed me prior and in bridge i shot at you with a ion rifle which does no damage to humans you harm batoned me and then shot me with a shotgun which is also over escalation.

i used shotgun because you just bat form when i use nonlethals, you did no damage to me, but your intent was to so i defended myself

My intent is dosent matter i wanted to cuff you and steal yoour krav magas, And use them to kill the scientist who killed and also even after i was already on the ground you still shot me again healing me right after.

well i aint gonna argue, cause i know it aint gonna go nowhere, so lets just wait for admin to respond