Title: Noodlecat banned by sergeikoralev

Admin’s CKEY:
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
Which server did the ban happen on?
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Grief and self-antag. After being arrested by sec disassembled all the security cell lockers “because sec is being shit.” Also stole a bluespace body bag from medbay and after sec didn’t do what they wanted tried to kidnap them with it to bring them to chapel. Also made an air canon on green “to see how it worked” which is believable were it not for the history of the player. See you next year.
Appeal Reason:
Ok, so i was making a motorized wheelchair for a fellow atmos tech, when i saw the air cannon, i have seen videos of people using it to feed other people, so i wanted to see if that worked and went to kitchen after dropping off the wheelchair, there was no food so i could not test it, que some officer arresting me for having the cannon, also it was not a greenshift, there were lings, but that was not why i made it anyway, so when i get to brig i see the person i made the wheelchair for be put in for shoving an officer and their wheelchair stolen by sec. Chaplain askes to bring useless things to chapel, so i make a joke about sec being useless and ask the person who arrested me to come to chapel, he says no, so i made a bluespace body bag to take him there, i thought it would be a harmless prank, que him arresting be before i did anything and putting me in brig and taking the bag. Viro releases a deadly virus and someone infected with it is brought into sec and not given treatment in any way, I having seen sec (arrest people for shoving for six minutes of brig time, steal wheelchairs, don’t treat sick people in brig) was fed up with them and disassembled a few lockers, which they could easily rebuild.
Additional Information:

Would indicate to me that this is intended to be a proper one-year-minium perma and not the “explain on forums” kind
I’ll leave pulling the trigger on that to sergei himself though

Hiding, round ongoing.

Fun fact: The brig cell lockers can not be easily rebuilt, especially considering they are ID linked to the cell. Overall this is the sort of behavior that you’ve been banned for numerous times in the past and I’m not interested in entertaining any sort of it.

oh wait they can’t did not know

Additionally after testing you can not construct secure closets/lockers.

oh i thought you could.

You got not long ago a clear warning about your behaviour from ruko thats the next infriction for your troubling behaviour will result in a permanent ban.
I agree with sergei on his judgement here you had enough chances.

Concurrent opinion. See you next year.

appeal denied