Title: [MilkMan82] Banned by [Archanial]


Admin’s CKEY: Archanial

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: sage

Ban Type:Permanent

Ban Length: forever

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 18.7.2021

Round ID: 31431

Ban Reason: Griefing

Appeal Reason: I think i have been unfairly banned for griefing.I was an assistant and was just hacking stuff and playing with construction because i am new to the game.It was the end of the round and everybody was already on the ship for escape.I took welding tool and helmet and melted two walls because it was the end of the round if it wasnt i wouldnt do it but come on just because i melted 2 walls one minute before the end of the round i got permanatly banned…Kinda unfair

Additional Information:

Did not you read the server rules? From the beginning until the end of the shift you have to follow the rules. Like, If you wanted to let us say “learn hacking” Should have ahelped and asked admin before doing anything bad even when the round/shift will end

You should be unbanned soon.

Remember to ahelp or mentor help if you need any help.

You have to follow the rules until big “ROUND ENDED” shows up and credits roll.