Title: MickeyZehMouse banned by Aedar1

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Game Ban
Ban Length:
3 days
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Bad name
Appeal Reason:
I don’t deserve it.
Additional Information:
You’re wrong about it being immediately after unbanned as I played for a few hours with a different name but I wanted a memorable and funny name so I changed it today and wanted to make sure that it doesn’t break the rules so I followed the name format for lizards and ahelped asking if it was fine, you said no so I asked what exactly was wrong with it? (I didn’t know you weren’t allowed funny names apparently.) Do you really think I ahelped asking that just to troll admins? I don’t understand why you would ban me for that.

If you genuinely thought “Destroys-The-Furries” was a appropriate name for a lizard. use this time to read our server rules and understand we are a RP server.

Not making it up

I would not blame him for thinking this

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I looked at the naming guidelines he linked me and it doesn’t seem to not be in line with them. I ahelped asking if it was fine just to make sure. I didn’t expect to be banned for asking…

Lizard names are already pretty stupid to be honest. I don’t know what you consider an appropriate name for a lizard so I asked.

small peanut but you could just be like “He-who-hunts” or something that would like allow you to kinda have your original name and be okay within guidelines i reckon. Or play IPC and name yourself some robot stuff

I will probably just stick with the random names since I’m too scared to ask admins questions now.

You really shouldn’t be scared of admemes, although if I were you I would take a step back and look over any names you make in the future.
Maybe observe a round and see what other people name their characters? If you’re in the discord there’s a channel dedicated to character lore and other stuff. People would be more than happy to work with you to brainstorm a good name.


i’ve been beaned for arguing with admins and it’s just not worth it and you get a rep of being a dick, trust me on that one. I mean they ain’t scary if you approach it better, I’m the king of terrible approach myself so I get that. Sometimes I’m just “having a conversation” and to the other person they’re like “this dude is attacking me” so I don’t really get online tone either if that may help construe it better

I didn’t even argue with anybody, I just asked him a question and he misunderstood and thought I was trolling.

This would be your third time now for a non RP / server rule following name.

You should be able to understand why the above name you chose is not in line with the server guidelines, following up the ahelp with asking me to explain why it doesn’t follow the rules is ridiculous. Many people play dumb on purpose, and from being directly linked the rules in your previous ban (which was purely to get you to read them), you should understand why it is not correct. A very large portion of the player base has english as a second or third language (if that even is the case here), and how they are written is not hard.

After linking them to you previously I don’t know much more what I am able to do to get you to follow them.

The first time I was warned for that was around 2 years ago.

2 years later I came back to the server, forgot about that I was either warned from being called Mickey Mouse or Mikey moose and I think that I saw I was called Mike Moose and thought it was a typo so I added an y (I think I’m not sure).
I leave the server and wake up to me being banned, I appeal, play for some time and then I wanted a name that would be recognizable, so I thought to myself why not create a funny name?

So I read what you sent me and thought of a funny name that wouldn’t break the rules played a bit and then wanted to make sure it was okay to be named that so I ahelped.

This is what I see in the page you linked me, I don’t see any rule broken.

For lizards it says: “Hyphenated names describing some action, or two part hyphenated names following Ashwalker naming conventions. Naming convention is directly taken from Argonians of The Elder Scrolls franchise.”

For all races it says: “Are forbidden from having titles, nicknames and honorifics in their character name. This means “Dr” is not your first name and quoted nicknames don’t go in the middle of official IDs.”

I can understand why funny names like that don’t fit an RP server but it doesn’t break any of the rules in the page you linked me, so I thought I could use it.
I wasn’t completely sure so I asked you to make sure. I asked you how exactly It breaks the rules not because I didn’t see anything wrong with it, I did it so I would know what not to put in the next name I made.

That’s my point of view, I didn’t mess up any rounds or ruin anybody’s fun. I honestly don’t think this is deserving of a ban.

I would also like to add to the appeal the perm appearance ban.

The time has since expired on the game ban.
You haven’t logged in, in the last 4 days, which is when the ban expired… Spend some time playing with the random names as you stated you would in the original ban so that you can get a feel for acceptable names on the server and try later. As for now with the game ban lifted, the appearance ban stays.