Title: Bastian0930 Admin Report

“He lied, but because you said something not nice to him afterward it means he didn’t lie”

wow great logic. Like I said, I didn’t care about the fucking roleban, I accepted that. My problem this entire time has been that he lied and you’re literally trying to say that him lying doesn’t matter when it’s clear that it should. All I wanted was for him to not have some bullshit claim in his ban. If you want to keep the ban permanent despite all of this being because Bastian couldn’t be honest in his fucking bans, that’s bullshit. How the fuck can he lie in a ban and have it called valid?

Local retard evades his ban to harass an admin, gets butt blasted when he gets the long dick of the rules as a suppository. I see nothing wrong here, keep being a goodmin Bass

You clearly didn’t even take the time to fully read and comprehend what I, and the others, have said. You have multiple people here telling you that your actions and your behavior was unacceptable and yet you still cling on to the idea that you somehow aren’t being toxic.

I’ll leave it with this, if you handled the situation differently and acted more mature about the situation we very well could have considered having the ban description updated. However, you clearly aren’t thinking at that level and instead chose to escalate matters. To make matters worse, you have about 4 pages of notes confirming your toxic interactions with staff and other players. That alone is enough to validate Bastian’s description of you.

Like I said, you should take some time and reflect on all of this.

This report is hereby rejected.

If you work out how to present yourself in the future, after several months have passed, maybe you can appeal your permanent ban and try again.


Also threatened to BOH bomb the station multiple times in a admins dms.