Tips to observe people as a ghost

  1. You can orbit a Camera eye. You can see a better picture when you orbit an abductor’s camera eye than orbiting abductors.
  2. Some dead bodies (and Birdboat) can be controlled by chatting Up, Down, Right, Left. It has two modes: Anarchy and democracy. demo is shit to control them and you can’t change these modes.
    Plus, you can make Birdboat vomit by chatting vomit
    Note: You need to orbit their body to control them.
    Warn: Be careful of chat mute by spamming like ‘up up up up up’. say something every a few times. Ask admins if you’re muted
  3. [Ghost]-[Spawners Menu] lets you to spawn midjoin roles.
    be careful that you don’t have any memories of your past life or your ghost life.
  4. You can change the setting of Role notification at [Ghost]-[Ghost Role Notifications]
  5. [View Range] is an interesting option too. size 9~10 is enough.
  6. If you examine a borg/AI, you can see their laws. You can recognize if they’re antags (but you can’t know people’s objectives directly.)
  7. If you’re being cloned and your new body isn’t yet ready but you’re in the body while you want to observe a little bit more, you can do /ghost from the body. BE CAREFUL that your body will be catatonic and you can’t be in the body if you’re still outside of the body when it’s fully ready to clone. (To go into your body, just click the going-back-to-your-body button you know.)
  8. Clicking Nar’Sie will give you a new body if you didn’t hit a spawn button.

You’re welcome to add more to this.

Me laughing because i never die

Rename your selected character to whatever you want to say and then click restore ghost character in the ghost tab, now you can convey messages as a ghost if living people see you and see your name.


Under the OOC tab you can hit observe and see through the eyes of a selected player, including their UI choice! You can click their mood face to check if they’re an antag or not and can click on their bag to look in it. hitting Cancel Camera View will boot you out of it.


You’ve also got to be orbiting the corpse for the commands to register.

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Then you’re powergaming. Ban him! lol

Thanks. I update it with a warning too.

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