Timtoom Banned by Oo7craigmc

Title: Timtoom Banned by Oo7craigmc

Admin’s CKEY:
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Ban Evasion
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Incorrect Ban
Additional Information:
I have been playing for a good few months now but i was actually introduce to game by my brother (Jellymuncher). We have actually been in trouble for metacomms once but it was during the time he was teaching me the game and we had no intention of damaging rounds. Anyway, my idiot brother got banned about a week ago and then desided to ban evade. So is perma banned, which is completely fair, he fucked up. But I played a couple rounds today and when I’ve just gone to hop back on now I have been perma banned. The reason listed is alt account and ban evasion ect ect. I actually no longer live with my brother and now my girlfriend, which is why there would be and IP switch. You can check my history to see that we are indeed two separate people who have both had interactions here on the forums. I love this server as it was the first I played, its a shame I cannot play with my brother hence his ban, but I’d still like the ability to hop on every now again on my account. Id like to make very clear timtoom (Trey Field) is my only account. I completely see where this issue has come from but if someone could get in contact I can quite clearly prove that while affiliated with Jellymuncher, It is not me. We just lived and played together. Both of us have been active at the same time, many times. (WOULD LIKE TO ADD IT TURNS OUT MY BROTHER HAS BEEN USING THE ACCOUNT JELLO23 NOT JELLYMUNCHER)


follow the appeal format if you want a chance to be unbanned

Hey, like Kelpo said, I recommend you follow the ban appeal template that should show up when writing a ban appeal.
Also here’s your ban reason:

And your brother’s account only ban:

You should probably also state your brother’s alt account.

Sorted it cheers x

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Shit honestly didnt know he had one will give him a call

Also apparently I’ve been playing a few years not months. Fuck me thats a realisation.

He said his forum account has been banned for cheeky messages so im not sure how to go about this

Well, I was just asking in which account did he get banned in the quote and/or the account he used to ban evade. Or is it possible they didn’t ban appeal their original metacomms ban and you got banned for evasion over that?

No he had like a proper thread on here just recently. Not a clue what happened but that metagaming is from 2019 this happened only weeks ago.

On the Jellymuncher account too I believe but maybe the threads were closed? I believe he offered to fellate an admin, which could be the reasoning here.

Well, if you can get more info, that would just make the process easier and faster for an admin to deal with. You can also use the bans page yourself, btw: BeeStation - Bans

Found it, Jello23, There is a huge backlog ahahhaha

Thanks for the explanation.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

Appeal accepted.