Timed/Temperature Pumps

add a pump that, in addition to controlling for pressure of the gas it moves, will also have a timer that controls how often it pumps.

add a pump that checks the temperature of the gas it’s taking in, and will only pump once it reaches a certain limit

both of these would be good for further automating atmospherics. for example, if you filter trit out of a fusion chamber and into a pipe with a freezer, you could use a temperature pump to ensure the gas remains long enough to be cooled before moving on. you could also set a timed pump after the gas filter so that hot gas isn’t constantly flowing in, thus not choking up the freezers.


I’m all for adding new atmos related things, especially since passive gate was such disappointment and always came short in times I needed something similar but you know you can achieve a lot with things we already have?

Just look at this pic, instead of having object triggering ir sensor to turn off air alarm or apc you can have timer to control pumps/scrubbers however you want

If you’ll leave the object as trigger it can work as simple detection system-have a filter before input vent to choose the gas you are interested in, lets say you have it hooked up to the SM and filter is set to ‘tritium’ so you can have a system that performs certain action once it detects that gas (for example adds supercooled gas to system or opens airlock that vents the chamber)

So… the removed atmos circuits but balanced ? (I don’t know, I haven’t used them while they were a thing).

I did some code diving as someone with basic coding knowledge, and looks like you could inverse the boolean value of a pump on variable after a certain timer, just like control clicking do. I haven’t checked for temperature code yet.

just let ic assemblies toggle and adjust pipes, ez

Thing is that integrated circuits are small and don’t require much effort, there’s a lot of copy-paste
If you would be able to operate pumps and valves with circuits it would be too easy to grief the station, by causing floods and such or messing with SM while people are unable to pinpoint the issue.

Some time ago I was proposing another system of circuits, similar to atmos piping and plumbing. You would have all sort of devices like logic gates, some input and output devices like gas sensors, lights or mentioned pumps. If one of those devices was signaller, compatible with already existing signaller and by it with things like igniter, timer, proximity sensor etc we may actually have a way to build quite advanced and interactive things, especially if we would add at least on/off wire to more machines around station.
These devices would be connected by wiring, already existing mechanic that has little to no use, in a fashion similar to pipes and ducts.

System like that would be consistent with atmos and plumbing, which would make it more accessible to people (it would be simple and similar to other systems they already know and they could study work of others contrary to IC which are blackboxes), copy-pasting ready solutions is gone, you actually have to build your circuit, you are also limited because your circuit is stationary and takes quite some space (we could add layers for wires and circuit devices so space won’t be too limiting).
I see no reason for pump not to be controlled by circuits of this kind

that’s… just circuits but weaker. there’d be even less of a reason to use circuits then

the reason copy and paste exists is because even a moderately complex circuit can take upwards of 10 hours to create. even if you completely memorized the internal workings of ~15 components (unlikely), it would still take you an hour or so of connecting the five million wires and setting all of the manual pin values. there’s simply no way to use circuits without cloning