TIM-845 player report

CKEY: SerMagma

Your Discord: Bungo

Offender’s CKEY: unknown

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: TIM-845

Date (MM-DD-YYYY):1/16/2020

Round Number: 26116, 26132 and various others

Rules Broken: 3.
13 (The Captain is not an Assistant with all-access. You are expected to be a competent leader and ensure the success and survival of your station and its crew. )
4 Respect space law and standard operating procedures.
possibly 9, i always see him in his hardsuit.
Do not wear a hardsuit, riot suit, or similar bulky/uncomfortable armor for the entire round.

Incident Description:

Utter lack of care for his crew, and soft griefing clowns/mimes. Including letting people die in cells while buckled to a chair and bleeding out.

He refused to give me a paper to tell my side of the story after he arrested me for DISARMING a person who was stabbing me, let the other player go without a word.
(player who started it was banned for the lying and self antagging)

Actually tried to force me to speak as a mime, other security members were urging him to give me a paper to speak, he refused to even listen and admitted he knew i was a mime.

I didn’t even do anything to warrant a 5m timer while bleeding out and buckled/fullstripped. only self defence against a person stabbing me to death. I can understand like, 3m but 5 while bleeding out and buckled was un-called for.

Second round ID included is another round of him murdering and trying to force borg a clown as far as i am aware. (i dont have the context but it doesn’t seem like anything to kill and force borg over, pretty sure its a greenshift, writing this up while its going on, as i’ve seen him do things like this to me and others, i’m assuming the worst. feel free to exclude this one)

[Command] TIM-845 states, “AI actually law 2 shut up or i’ll maxcap your sat.”

[Command] Lithium XXV rattles, “Giggles did no harm.”

Ai was simply stating the fact that TIM killed the clown. Other heads were saying that the clown did nothing wrong either.

YUP, was a greenshift


Gonna clean it up a lil: (cant figure out how to edit a post, big brains moment)

The second round ID included isn’t needed for the first round, everything after “Second round ID included” can work as its own player report.

Since i dont have much context other than what the varous heads were saying, i’m just going from my past experiences.

all i know is that it was a greenshift and what i saw was captain force borging the clown after killing him, and him being real toxic in command comms.

For the first post before "Second round ID included"

Other security members include: Morgan strange, the stage magician, lawyer and the warden (i forgot most of the names sadly).

I was defending/retaliation on a suspected heratic, after it got to security, i was pointing like a feckin mad man to get the captain’s attention, captain saw me disarming (not attacking) yousrri (or whatever his name was) and just decided to blast away on my ass, refusing to even listen to others, i was bleeding out due to being stabbed (he knew i was bleeding out) puts me in a cell for 5m and just leaves me there bleeding out while letting the “heratic” go without a question, even letting him in and out of sec. The player in question was banned for this behavior.
The captain just didn’t seem to care at all, running around in his hardsuit and acting like a god.
I can’t remember most details but i do know there were alot of ahelps from me with alot of info in them.

Not sure if its possible to get the ahelp logs, but they’d help

Small details that dont really fit:

I was beaten constantly and threatened by a sec officer named edward.
I was left in the cell almost ALL the round.
Captain just fucked off and left me to rot after giving out sec access to random people.
There was a seperate player report on the player who started it all.
@Fronsis might have some more details
@Hollandaise dealt with the ticket, not sure if that helps at all

Very little was found to be actionable within the logs and the player in question has not repeated similar behavior as far as can be seen.

After a discussion with @Bungo it has been agreed to close this report.