Thoughts on antagists who ignore their objectives just to be generally antagonistic to the crew?

like what y’all’s toughts on tators who ignore their objectives to become contractors or just otherwise cause chaos

is memetext really over greentext?

Yes it is since objectives can boring

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Depends on what they do. If they have a funny, unique or interesting idea for an antagonist round, they’re great fun even when they fail, and they stick out more than your standard antagonist.

A gimmick done poorly, or just killing everyone, is terrible and boring, and in most cases worse than standard greentext play.

I don’t actually mind most friendly antags so long as they’re funny, but by far the worst way to play antag is the valid hunting friendly antag who teams up with sec. They suck all the fun out of the round by deleting all the other antagonists and turning the round into a bad version of extended where sec/assistants get bored and start to borderline grief each other.

too bad contractor tablet still breaks alot and it just got nerfed

after the xth round of "get x and kill y " it becomes stale. I usually go for memetext instead of greentext.

Yes, pretty much always. Works best when you coordinate with admins and a lot of the time we’re happy to help (and usually force greentext) if you have an idea for a gimmick.

Teleports into your office and kills your dog

memetext is baste bro

if staff don’t want murderboning why would they add heretics huh

If i ever turn up lone traitor i usually go fuck it. Because somehow every time that happens i roll botany and just make god plants and a clothing store.

Objectives are basically just bad, ideally it should just serve as ideas of what to do with “winning” neglected.

Def feel free to ask for new ones if you have any ideas

like eris? there tots are just contractors doing contracts of many types to get more “score” and TC and lower security’s “score”

Yeah something like that would be amazing

Shame it’s a really big WYCI moment :pensive:

We were thinking of adding “Gimmick” objectives like “Become hated”, “Be annoying”, things like that. Not sure what happened to it.

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