Thorium-IX the plasmaman seccie Player Feedback

Hi hello yes it is me the plasmasec that you probably forgot about since I haven’t got the motivation to play Bee lately

uhhh here’s SOME of the things I do while playing as Thorium:

  • I am a law abiding officer, I fine people instead of brigging unless I am directly ordered by a higher rank (10 creds for minor crime, 20 medium, 35 major, 50 or higher for capital crimes)
  • I have a memo pad of space law so I have a easier time to say crime codes n things
  • I don’t permabrig nor execute on sight of antag gear or activity
  • Remind the crew to pay their fines if they don’t want their security records to be changed permanently
  • other stuff I’m lazy to continue this post

I have this


I don’t have much experience with you personally, but I’d say crank up the fines. I wouldn’t settle for anything less than 150cr for a major infraction.
Aside from that, based and purple-pilled plasmaman player. +1.

everytime i saw you you were a fucking riot and made me laugh like hell.
Still can’t get over the time you tried to arrest the blob for “sabotage” and proceeded to fire disablers at it. peak humor

I think I may have ran into you once or twice before when stuff goes down in the medbay. I like the idea that you are willing to go to the extent of fining people and giving the chance to RP that out.

i like the plasmamen :3