This server died cuz yall banned me

if u never banned me this server wouldn’t be dead. I carried it 100%

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This is me. I was very important. I knew too much. they banned me cuz I sent pic of poo in discord cough I mean, knew too much ):

it is good beestation died. all players went to hippie station and it is revived tho. god bless beestation and its cringe furry erpers doe (please go to church or smth honestly)

Wepent, sinnuwuer.


I can’t tell if you bein serious or not tbh, but Bee Station is moving towards a real badass server, i’ve personally enjoyed the direction it’s been going. If you’re so angry at beestation that you’d come back to complain about how it’s “dead” (how would you know, you’re beaned) you must have a li’l Ruko livin rent-free in your dome

So basically: “bee doesn’t cater to my play style so it’s dead”.

I expect your hippie revival will last about as long as your previous server attempts.

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This is obvious satire…

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consider going to austation.

nah, hippie station number 1

How do I factor into this.


Cause you were the king admin at some point mang

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