This is a GREAT IDEA

OK so it’s a game mode where there is a pandemic on the station called coronavirus, and we all just die from it

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Meteor gamemode but with a virus

sentient disease but with more diseases

Sentient disease but when you find out it’s too late
“Is that a death squad officer?”


You should be a game designer

admemes be like

bro its kiinda based being a sentient disease that has to infect most of the crew and still have more resistance than the other disease


mentor gamemode, everyone is mentor
this has no effect on actual gameplay

That’s a shitty idea and you’re a nerd.

ok well you’re a fat bitch and you suck at usernames and BTW IT’S A GOOD IDEA.

hello guys it’s your local thread reviver and im here to say this idea is cringe!!!


You all hurt. No beuno idea

someone wake shaq up