Things you REALLY didn't want to do as an antagonist

I’m sure we’ve all been there. Whether it’s hunt down the person who stole both hand teleporters for our objective, absorb some one and end up being forced to do a job you hate, or just kill some one who was really freaking nice to you. List the times where you really didn’t want to (or just flat out couldn’t) do your objectives.

My most recent one was on MRP, as a shaft miner. I had two fairly easy objectives, namely, kill the geneticist, (killing is often easier than stealing) and kill the AI, (literally the easiest objective if you know what gadgets to bring) along with “die a glorious death.” Piece of cake, right? Well, geneticist literally PDAs me, and asks if I want any mutations. I come by, and he’s a super nice dude, and gives me cool stuff. He asked me for a stun weapon so he could get some pay back on the chemist, (cause killing is lame) so I made a stun prod, brought him into the back room, and shot him. Went without a hitch, but I felt bad for killing a nice guy.

Voltriar was my target one round as a blood brother on MRP
usually when it’s someone I have encounters with and I find really nice I usually just ignore but it’s blood brother
Voltriar just escaped perma brig because the warden was going on a power trip and decided to go into the bar
My blood brother and I tell her we’re going to help her
We take her to maintenance and cut her head off with her last words being “why?”
I felt so bad and kept begging until eventually my blood brother agreed to Borg her
We do that and I have to go afk
I come back to them having cloned voltriar and finding out what we did and destroying my blood brother and sirio yelling at me
Thankfully before the warden could find out I was voltaire’s murderer that round a space dragon came in to medbay where he was questioning voltriar and killed him which got me out of that situation
Later on learn that voltriar was a traitor and as a show of peace before going into cryo she gave me her uplink and code and I bought a balloon

ive unironically played sec for so long that i haven’t been selected for antag in like, a long ass time, to the point that whatever stories i may have ive forgotten

Unless i’m sorely mistaken, antag selection comes first, so mainong sec wouldn’t decrease your antag rolls.

Unless you mean you flat out disabled them.

play RD, everett’s blood bro
we gotta kill AI and steal HOS gun
everett is just kinda perma brigged so i do AI anyway
make maxcaps cause i’m da best at da toxins
none of the exterior cams work for some reason which is good
set one off at the bottom of the AI sat
damn didn’t work
i make another one and by the time i get there the walls have been repaired with weaker walls
set it off again
ai still not dead
AI gets moved to the r&d server room and CE is there
i tell him to use a welder and he did it but he stopped trying
AI shuts the door on itself doing more damage
tells me how to actually fix
never done it before to be honest so i take my time thinking if wiping the ai on the card is a good idea since they can tell the borgs
i do it anyway and say i’m sorry and tell em what i did
was pretty quick death since 50% health
bitch ass n1gga just killed the AI in cold blood
no borgs ever come
make a posi hoping for the original AI to come back and not be a meta coomer but never comes
people ask me where the AI is
i say it got stolen since i put the evidence in the destructive analyzer
I just wanted le quick death not for them to bleed out damn

Didn’t everett suicide bomb the HoS that round for being a huge shitsec? Apparently, HoS welded him INSIDE the tiny cage, which is a downright dirty move.

i gave everett a maxcap for the HOS but you can’t clone someone without their brain lol. also the gun got vaporised too so uh…

Yeah… heirophant disintegrated me. Didn’t realize the brain had to exist to be cloned.

Is that a MRP thing only?

no, i think that’s just how cloning works. you need the brain. unless i am wrong?