TheRandomHobo banned by Inithis

Title: TheRandomHoboMan banned by Inithis

CKEY: TheRandomHoboMan

Admin’s CKEY: Inithis

Ban Type: Perma

Ban Length: Perma

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2021-09-28

Round ID: 33002

Ban Reason: Was Nearly Permabanned before, received a massive ban aftwards.

Appeal Reason: I was hoping to get unbanned or receive a lighter sentence, I am sorry for being an asshole and am hoping to get back into Space Station 13 again since it is a really great roleplaying server with amazing people. I am more chilled out and less assholy than I was but I can’t obviously provide any proof other than my word. It has been nearly a year since I received the ban and I don’t blame you guys for doing so. I am literally really sorry for my behaviour and how toxic it was. Please could I have one last chance to prove otherwise. I am fine with any restrictions you guys provide or anything to prove I am changed. I would prefer not to go to other servers and build up the credentials but to give you guys my words. Not to pity-party but it has been just a really bad year and I just want to take my mind off the ugly of the world by just playing some Space station 13 again. Please, I really will do my best not to mess up at all. Scout’s honour. Thank you.

Additional Information:

You gotta wait 26 days and come back with a vouch for them to consider it, chances are this will take about 26 six days to get touched so that might not be an issue

That’s really sad to hear, I mean the only vouch I have is myself. I haven’t touched the game in over a year just because of real life issues going on. However, my first ban was due to someone being Rose Strider and us having a fight over it being homestuck. I am happy to change my name and to show I am not really a toxic person anymore, because I’m not. I honestly just wish to enjoy the game with everyone again. It’s just kinda sad that my shortburst and idiocy just got to the better of me tarnishing the image of me when its not me.

You still have a month remaining, which i think might be enough time to get a vouch out of a reputable server possibly, I don’t think bay station gives vouches to save a bit of time. I wouldn’t tell a server you’re there only for a vouch though.

Is there any you recommend? I see a lot but I don’t want to go into a high pop server really.

I mean you could try Monke station… i think they give vouches and are on the same code as us. So it’ll be a good representation of what stuff we’re running as well. They get higher pop when Ook is streaming, but you shouldn’t have any issues getting used to the game again there.

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yea basicaly what mr minimod said

you’re almost good to go on the “one year must pass” requirement, but not quite
and then you’ll need a vouch to go along with it

have you been playing anywhere else in your year off, or just quit ss13?

if its the latter use to month you still have to wait to put some good time into some other reputable server
and then ask them to vouch for you (that is, them being willing to put their name forward to say “yea hes a good guy”)

I quit outright, real life stuff has happened and honestly my two notes was fighting with a homestuck character and having a homestuck name and I think I didn’t read the rules fully and it was a temp banned turned into a perma. Obviously, I can try but the only problem I have is finding a server that A) Can give that and B) doesn’t have an oversized pop. Again I promise I’m not going to troll and be an asshole cause I really miss this game and this is a decent server but I get it if I have to just need some help. The monke server is kinda dead atm.

That said not saying what I did wasnt bad

i dont mean to sound like an ass
but thats uh, your problem to solve.
You are gonna need that vouch im afraid.

im just gonna list some random servers that we’d consider vouches from (not exhaustive)
TG, Yogs, fulp, Paradise ect

Okay, Ill try my best too. I would of hoped for some leniency kinda but I get it. Thank you

Can you give me an ballpark range of how long? Im not sure how it works for the vouch. Do I get people from another server to join this? Or do I provide a name and you guys go talk to them?

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Just giving us the name is fine, we will make effort on our own to confirm it.
the “how long” depends on them i suppose but you’ll probabbly want some double digit number in hours so they can properly judge you


Okay thank you, I am currently on the Paradise server since it is more active but not overpopulated if that makes sense

20 days have passed and no vouch was provided. Closing this, feel free to appeal this again in the future, once you have a valid vouch.