Theoverdone permabaned by rukofamicom


Admin’s CKEY: rukofamicom

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:

Ban Type:server

Ban Length: perma

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):5/19/21

Round ID:29815

Ban Reason:Player attempted to straightpipe plasma flood the station without appropriate objectives. During ticket they were instructed to pull up the rules and read antagonist conduct. Player did not seem to understand how this would qualify for murderbone, and then dropped this gem in the ahelp. “Well the rules don’t say I can’t burn the whole station to kill 1 person” You’ve had more than your fair share of chances by this point. Find another server that doesn’t care if you read their rules or not.

Appeal Reason: I was trying to kill 2 people and was the easiest way?

Additional Information: I didn’t do because cap said “Sam stop it” and i ran in panic that he could see me so i didnt strait pipe plasma. Also Antags are free to complete their objective by any means available, within reason. So in real life people have not let gas run for them to burn down a place? Maybe not killed someone but done it for other reasons

There is a thing called rules: Rules - BeeStation Wiki

And that was taken strait from the rules on the interwebs.

Yet you still fail to understand that plasmaflooding counts as murderbone:

And also the shuttle was 1 min away and only 14 players. and by the time i was beaten by a borg the shuttle had already landed so i dont really know if i would have killed anyone and so by that late in the round i think that this would apply.

L2 Don’t Be Detrimental

Antags are exempt from this rule at all times. You’re allowed to have fun and freedom, but if what you’re doing consistently impacts other players’ round, that is when admins will take action. Limited chaos is permitted, constantly causing chaos is not. Stealing a gun from the brig and leading security on a manhunt is fun once in a while. Doing it consistently is acting like an antagonist when you are not, and ruins the round for others.
so with this saying antags are exempt means i can be detrimental and i did plan on plasma flood but i didn’t get to do it.

Antags are free to complete their objective by any means available…

Within Reason.

We do not need a player that wants to pretend the rules say only what they want them to.

In the ten months you’ve spent with us, you have racked up offenses including:

  • Plasma flooding when you were still new
  • Ignoring silicon policy, and by extension your borg laws
  • Self-antag (Shooting someone for no reason)
  • Self-antag again (deconstructing escape shuttle)
  • Self-antag a third time (N2O flood)
  • Ignored silicon laws again
  • Blatantly lying in ahelps
  • Very poor RP behavior on Sage
  • Sabotaging bodies that need care in medbay
  • Recent self-antag again as psychiatrist
  • Attempting to plasma flood, then legitimately argue that it isn’t murderboning to plasma flood

Theoverdone: so are trying to call that murderboning?
RukoFamicom: Do you somehow call torching the whole station anything else?
Theoverdone: well it doesnt say i cant burn the whole thing to kill 1 person

This was the ahelp after having you explicitly pull up the rule page and read antagonist conduct for yourself.

  1. Murderboning is defined as the indiscriminate killing of multiple parties who are not a threat. Murderboning is not permitted unless approved by an admin, per the above. (Feel free to ask if you have an interesting gimmick that’d make it fun for the round)
  • Intentionally creating additional witnesses as an excuse to kill them will be considered murderboning. (Pursuing someone into a main hall is always a bad idea, hide the evidence or hide yourself)
  • Isolated killings and kills that reasonably assist with your objectives are not murderboning.
  • Security may be considered a threat and may be pre-emptively eliminated without provocation, but low-collateral methods must be used to eliminate them. Bombing the security wing is not considered low-collateral.
  • Crew inside a department in which you must complete an objective may be considered a threat and pre-emptively eliminated without provocation.
  • Some roles are granted an exception to this rule, please consult the Murderbone Policy at the bottom of this page for more information.

Ban justified. See you next year


You’re allowed to do a decent amount within the rules to accomplish an objective, but mass plasmaflood is def past that limit.

Also, I gave kibana a check and while most of your notes are months old, you’ve barely played since you were getting them all the time until now. Cause of that I think it’s fair that ruko’s including them.

So yeah, I don’t disagree with this.

also can i get the notes on the lying in ahelp? and does appealing not clear it off record? and what are the notes on bad rp behavior on sage? dm if possable

and i can explain why i havent played that is becuase byond doesnt work on my pc so i cant play on it. and still cant

Appeals are for alleviation of punishment. Notes are not a punishment at their core. At their core they are for record keeping, thus, normally unless an appeal specifically and blatantly proves the admin was wrong in the note it will remain in place. If the note itself was in error then it will be either edited or removed from the database, whichever is more appropriate.

As well technical issues don’t help your case. Either way you had, effectively, very low time between incidents on server.

This is being denied.

You may appeal again in one year with a vouch from another reputable server telling us that you are a quality player worth allowing back into the comminity.