(THEORY) zeskorian is the infamous white supremacist mass shooter known as sam hyde

sam hyde has:

  • killed around 400 people in mass shootings alone
  • caused africas hunger problem
  • released the coronavirus
  • killed around 300 people in 9/11

what’s next, you ask? when will it end sam, you ask? well… listen to this.

recent events, like the tf2 source code leak, has failed. sam hyde finally got stopped. for now. it seems that he has taken to smaller games, a game like… space station 13? yeah. i’ll give you a moment to fan yourself from the shock… now, sam hyde is playing the long con, and only now is starting to upload griefcode disguised as “real” commits. don’t believe it. zesk may have had good code in the past, but now he’s doing shit like… PARRYING? everyone knows Samuel Al Hydia (thats his israelite name before he immigrated to america) loves dark souls. i mean, he must. that game fucking sucks dude. anyways, i guarantee the next PRs sam hyde makes will start corrupting beestation untill it doesn’t work. and then he’ll move on to the next server, then the next, then the next, before all servers are destroyed.

when will it end, sam?


wtf I already knew zesko was the literal Antichrist but now this?


I bet Zesko stole my donk pockets >:(

Course i didnt. I dont even like donk pockets

This explains everything. The blocking, the parrying, it’s all part of his scheme.

Zesko is it true? Are you in with Sam “One Man Klan” Hyde?

For security reasons, i can neither confirm nor deny that i am or am affiliated in some way with Sam Hide

Good call. Sam “One Man Genocide” Hyde can’t be stopped.