TheNeoGamer42 mentor app

he didnt vote tho man, can trialmins even downvote mentor apps

For how many times I have actually played alongside Reen, I haven’t actually talked or saw her too many times.

But that’s a clear sign of her knowledge, not the opposite.

When she manages a department, eveyrthing goes smoothly and she needs very little, if not at all, supervision.

I think she can only do good as mentor.

You know how the SM works?
Get this man on board.

While we’re here. Make makes the sm work? How do the lasers, gasses and radiation effect it? What makes it delam into singulo or tesla?

I can’t find the answers to this.

Yeah, trialmins can downvote.

Hahahaha. Although it shouldn’t count because this was a meme vote. Right?

Currently at 3 points positive.

+2. From what I’ve seen of them, they’re knowledgeable and proficient, and would make a good mentor.

Going to be accepting this one, its been up for close to eleven days.

I will add your permissions as soon as I can.