TheNeoGamer42 mentor app

Your CKEY: TheNeoGamer42

Your Discord: windows xp#8403

How long have you been playing ss13?: over 1 year, since october 2018

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Mark might, and Nylaa might, and well other than them I do not know who else would

Game Experience (More Detailed): I know how atmos works, but not how to fusion, I know engineering, saved several fucked up SMs, I know research except toxins is a bit alien to me and I know a bit of circuits even. Security I pretty much never play but have a generally good idea on what exactly is a real crime and read space law before. I know what most if not all basic healing chems are and what they do, however since I stopped doing chem quite some time ago I forgot recipes, but hey, thats why a wiki exists. I know how to cargo and command, and god forbid, I can make people do paperwork. Also some general experience with mining and such, but I havent ever killed a megafauna cause I don’t feel like dying, but I did read up on them in wiki.

+1 I’ve seen Nyaski do most important station jobs and can assure that she can handle most of them.

whatever I cant handle I can usually just wiki too

Some questions before I vote. I see a lot of effort, but not a lot was said.

1: How do you figure out what components an unfinished machine requires?

2: MRP: The AI mentorhelps asking if they need to let the non-human captain into their upload for “Law maintenance”, what do you say?

3: Someone mentorhelps about the CMO turning someone into a gorilla with an injector, asking why they were able to do it, how do you respond?

EDIT: Reposted from my other thread because I feel kind of the same here, and he wants the chance to answer too

1: if the board is in the machine simply inspecting it will tell you
2: given MRP AIs are on CREWSIMOV and not ASIMOV, the AI still has to. (unless someone somehow removed them from the crew manifest, or the AI can find sufficient evidence that it will cause crew harm)
3: traitors can purchase gorrila injectors, but only certain jobs like geneticist and CMO

+1 answes are okay. Personally I try not to give away someone elses antagonist status to someone who doesnt know better, but they have to learn at some point and other mentors usually chime in with it anyways

Well what would YOU do with the antag one? Because honestly thats the only good answer thats true, because as far as I know, genetics or science cant make em

I would tell them they can look for their answer on a wiki, because I cant give them the full answer during the round and they can mentorhelp after the round if they want me to fill them in after the fact.
It’s hard to not just tell someone that another person is an antagonist, but if they’re astute enough to question what happened then it’s up to them to put 2 and 2 together you know?


rip my mentor app, hasnt been replied to in over a week

Nothing personnel kid.

Teleports ahead of you in maint, shotgunning the entire hall.

Is a xenobioling and proceeds to shrug it off with fleshmend and armblade you to death

Implying I couldn’t just continuously beat the shit out of you after having shotgunned you to death.

Nice guy, talked before. Although I can’t vote :frowning_face:

it is at a positive score with no negatives in nine days and I still believe Nyaski would make a great mentor


  1. Someone asks you how to hack doors
  2. Someone asks you how to unlock their uplink
  3. A borg arrests someone for hurting a non human and doesn’t follow the orders of the arrested person to let him go because ‘it could lead to human harm’ is the borg allowed to do this?

Oh, it’s nyaski
Knows circuits and spammed out beepsky radios that made me want to bash my head against a wall

1: You take a wirecutter and multitool, however you don’t TECHNICALLY need both, you cut a wire and/or pulse it and see how the door reacts generally to hack it. Its also highly suggested you have insulated gloves unless you wish to die from being electrocuted and possibly dying instantly because the engineers hotwired the SM to the grid. For indepth information on hacking doors and other hackables, see
2: You click on IC tab, and look for notes button. It should tell you either A: A code you enter into your PDAs ringtone B: 2 different values you need to enter in the correct order into your PDAs pen or C: a special frequency that you enter into your headset. PDA ringtone is the most likely one that you have, as it is the default. Also see for tips as traitor.
3: If the borg is on crewsimov, then its allowed to but is saying this shit wrong. If the borg is on asimov, then they really are not allowed, especially if the arrested person is a human. Also if its asimov, you should ahelp this too because the borg is then breaking its laws.

+1 high iq fuck silicons btw

i want another catgirl to metacomm with

double -2 because of oga trying for communism